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How to easily make a silver talisman

Many times have I read through an old occult tome and it has called for a talisman to be made in silver. For most of us creating a talisman in silver is almost an impossibility. That is until recently. The invention of Precious Metal Clay or PMC now gives everyone the opportunity to easily make a silver talisman. Leaving the only hard part doing the ritual.

* PMC Plus
* PMC Syringe
* Small handheld butane torch
* Butane
* Brass bristle brush
* Tweezers
* Small paint brush
* Small files
* Burnisher
* Gemstones if needed
* Small ruler
* Ceramic tile
* Olive oil
* Seran wrap
* Cup of water



Once you have all of your supplies together you can begin. You may find it helpful to do a little learning before you begin, I recommend watching PMC Basics.

To start take a piece of saran wrap and tape it to your work surface. This will keep the clay from sticking to our table while we work. Open the PMC package and place the silver clay on the wrap. Dip your fingers in the olive oil, and begin to form the shape of your talisman.


For this particular project I needed to make an octagon. So after I had a circle I used my ruler to cut the edges off the clay.


Now that I have the basic shape. I take the extra clay wrap it up in a piece of saran wrap and put it away. Now we let the clay dry, it is easier to carve our magic symbols than it is to manipulate wet clay. It will take a few hours for the clay to dry so take a break.

Now we can begin carving our symbols. This talisman I am making has a very uncommon function: but if you were going to make King Solomon’s Pentagram then that is what you would carve.


My talisman is two sided so after I carve the flat side I flip it over and carve the back. The difference here is that I am adding a garnet to the talisman. The garnet adds to the magical portents of the talisman. To add a stone we use our syringe and carefully outline the gem with clay.


Now that the talisman is carved we are almost ready to fire it. I am going to wait a little longer though for the gem’s bezel to dry. Once the piece is thoroughly dry we gently place it upon the ceramic tile. The tile is highly resistant to heating because it has already been fired in a kiln. Now when you are firing the clay with the torch be careful not to fire the gem if you have one. As this can cause the stone to crack or break. We want to heat the clay to a warm orange and keep it at that intensity for a minute or so. Now stop firing and dunk it in your cup of water. If you prefer you may also let it air dry.


We are almost done, you will notice now that the clay is now a white silver color, to get it the bright shiny silver we know we need our bristle brush. Gently scrub the talisman with the brush and you will see it start to pick up its luster.


Now you can perform your rituals on the talisman and you are done.

* “Sigil Magic”:
* PMC Basics
* “PMC Kit”:
* “PMC”:

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