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How to Develop Your Intuition

The fastest way to improve your intuition is through continued and persistent meditation. Once you start on a consistent meditation schedule then your being becomes more in tune with itself. When you are more in tune with your self and your surroundings you are better able to react and make snap judgments, or as it is called follow your instincts.


Your gut instinct versus spiritual intuition.
Some people describe it as a feeling they get in their stomach, almost like butterflies, but more insubstantial. This in many ways is common sense. It’s knowing when you walk down an icy road that you might want to be careful so you don’t slip and fall. It’s also a feeling you may get when you realize you locked your keys in your home. It’s a guttural feeling.

Your intuition is a feeling of knowing. Knowing with every fibre of your being that something may happen, that maybe you should go right instead of left. It is a feeling of knowing like you know the number 2 will always come after the number 1. It is irrefutable, and it is sometimes confused with destiny.

Spiritual intuition is the only instinct you need, and the more you use it the more powerful it becomes. Until eventually, you use it the same as any of your other senses, without even thinking. So how do you improve or hone your intuition? You have to trust yourself. You may not always be right at first and it can be discouraging, but do not give up. Because, those few times you are right seem unbelievable.

By practicing meditation for a few years I started to pick up on subtle things, I normally wouldn’t think about. I had gone to stop at a yard sale with a friend, he was looking for some cheap furniture for his new apartment. There were any number of tchotchkes and old decrepit 70s furniture you might expect at a yard sale in a rural area. I looked over the wooden geese, and at the wicker baskets. Someone, was clearly liquidating their past trend worthy purchases or hand me downs. As my friend was ready to leave, something caught my attention in the distance it was an old pot, with a crackled patina and strong black and red patterning. I told him to wait a moment as I walked over to it. Yes, this was definitely old, I could feel the age. I looked down at the sticker price it was a bright neon orange $10. That seemed fair. I took the gamble and bought the pot. My friend asked what I was going to do with it, I said I have no idea I just got it because it was old. He laughed and said it was some tacky reproduction. Following my intuition paid off, the pot was actually an old Hopi jar from the early 1800s, worth substantially more than the $10 I paid for it.

I noticed the Hopi Jar not because I am lucky, but because I had worked diligently to hone my instincts over the years.

Pay attention, look around, look twice.
The first key is to improve your attention to detail. This is done by looking closely at random things throughout the day. Is there a house you go by every day? Stop and look at it, how many windows does it have, doors? What color is it? What is the condition of it? What is it made of? When you ask yourself these questions randomly throughout the day your mind starts to hone itself for clearer detail. You are able to see when something is new or old, valuable or cheap.

Take a risk.
This is a bit like gambling at some point you just have to take a risk. Will those cards you want come up? Most likely not, but if you have the spiritual intuition you will be able to walk by scratch off lottery tickets and know there is a winner among them. Then if you know there is, buy the one you think is the winner and take a risk.

Observe and try again.
Like meditation, repetition is the key, it takes 10,000 hours to make someone an expert in their field, and it takes practice to hone your intuition. At first your chances of success may seem pretty far fetched, but eventually you will know if you should bother.

Positive Reinforcement.
When I was younger I practiced developing my intuition with friends by playing a game of memory with a deck of cards. They would show me a card, then shuffle it back into the deck, and I would have to try and pick it out. Eventually, I had uncanny “luck”. Every time I found the card I reinforced that positive feeling I got for trusting my instinct. This positive feeling started to increase my chances to get it right.

Daily Meditation.
The best thing you can do however is practice meditation daily. Meditation is the key to improving self awareness and putting you in touch with the cosmic consciousness. With successful meditation, comes success, because it is the greatest thing we can aspire to.

If you follow all of these then in time you too will have amazing intuition and be able to “defy the odds” but this is not something that happens over night. It may take years, but the longer you practice the more natural it becomes.

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