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How to cope with emotional stress

There are often things in life we are never prepared for. No, matter what we do we can never predict some events. Unfortunately, the world can be a cruel place but it does not mean you have to be a victim. It truly breaks my heart to see the cruelty that others can bring to each other. It is never an easy thing to deal with when someone has done you wrong. Whether it be an emotional betrayal or physical one you can move beyond it. With a little self help and motivation from others you can get over it. However, before we begin I can’t recommend enough how important it is that you seek professional help. Especially for traumatizing events like rape or any physical abuse. Seek professional help. Such as therapy, police protection, whatever it takes to put the abuser and the past behind you.

*Distract yourself*
Nothing heals better than forgetting (at least for now) the awful betrayal you felt. Watch tv, a movie, play video games, read a book, go for a walk, do whatever you can to keep your mind off things. Spend some time with a favorite pet. Distracting yourself gives your mind time to recover from the emotional trauma.

*Spend time with friends*
Im not talking about casual interest friends as they may be the ones who got you into the mess in the first place. Seek the company and advice of your closest friends. Friends are there to pick you up when you are down. True friends will be there for you when you are angry, happy, or sad.

*Write a letter*
Write a letter to the the perpetrator about what they did to you. Write about how you feel, write everything on your mind to them. Then when you are done burn the letter. It helps to get things out that you have bottled up inside.

*Join a support group*
Chances are you aren’t the only person to suffer the way you do. Find a support group of people who have experienced the same thing you have. Support groups are a great tool to help you share your feelings and get advice from others who have been there.

*Want to move on*
You won’t be able to heal those emotional wounds unless you want to. Sometimes, we may feel guilty for the wrong done to us but be assured it’s not your fault. Allow yourself the to let go and move on. If you don’t let yourself move on then you can’t heal.

“Don’t know how?”: Meditation is a fantastic way to relax and ease stress. When focusing only on the act of meditation one’s attention will be diverted from daily life. Thus, giving you more of a chance to recuperate.

While these methods may not be doctor certified. They can help a tremendous amount given the scenario. However, despite that do no take these as a substitute for any needed professional help. Be well and get better.

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