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How to contact your future self

Many years ago I was sitting in deep meditation. My mind was clear and my body was relaxed as it would be during any good meditation session. As I sat there slowly breathing in and out, I heard a voice. The voice proceeded to give me details of a project I needed to work on, but it informed me I had to stop what I was doing presently to finish it. Then it ended the odd internal dialogue with,

bq. “You need to meditate at a future date to tell your past self what I just told you.”

Six months go by and I had finished my project as according to “plan”. I begin my meditation session and start calling out in my mind to my past self. I then relay the same message that was given to me six months prior. I have since utilized this technique many times to contact both my past and future self.

The concept of having a dialogue with one’s future or past self is a bit perplexing to say the least. However, it can be done and can be used to great benefit of your own self. Before I begin this technique one must have a strong grasp and practice of different meditation techniques. If you do not then you may want to start “here”:http://www.excommunicate.net/how-to-meditate-to-relieve-stress to learn the basics of meditation.

*Seat yourself in the lotus position*
If you cannot sit in the lotus position then you may sit with legs underneath you or simply cross-legged. Ensure that your spine is straight. If during deep meditation you have a tendency to slouch then support your back using a nearby wall.

*Place your right hand over your left*
Make a fist with your left hand and cover it with the right. Tilt your hands forward and open your left hand. If you have done this correctly you should now have the palms of your hands facing upward resting in your lap.

*Begin your meditative breaths*
Breathe in slowly through your nose and as you exhale imagine a dark heavy weight leaving your body. Continue to do this until you are relaxed and can no longer feel your body. At this point you mays see a rainbow of colors passing over your eyes. It is different for each person.

*Ask to speak to your future self*
This part is the most challenging. In order to have success in this area, one must be committed to contact your past self at a future date. If there is even an iota of disbelief that you will do this then talking to your future self will not work.

When the intent is there after calling out to future self you should be able to begin your dialogue. You may ask it whatever you want but remember the success of it depends upon your sincerity to speak to yourself in the past in the future. Don’t get discouraged if you do not speak to the future on your first attempt. There are any number of variables that may prevent. Just have patience and keep trying. Eventually when your future half has something important to say it will.

Contacting your future self is not always easy in fact I have done this exercise many times with no response. On others I just cant get my self to shut up. Now every time I have spoken to my future self I have at a later date contacted my past self. The reality is though there is no way to prove if you are contacting your future self or just a manifestation of your subconscious. Either way though the technique can be very beneficial to you.


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