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How our body movements influence the law of attraction

The law of attraction is that like attracts like or our thoughts attract what we think about most. Or your thoughts become reality. It is a bit of pseudo-science. The methods at hand do hold some value though.

We as humans are constantly giving off signals, and expressing ourselves in different ways. Most of these are not as obvious as one might think. In fact many of them are really quite subtle. For example your body movements, posture and hand gestures reveal worlds about who you are as a person. If we combine this with the clothes one has on a great deal of information can be gathered from an individual.

We can all read body language, it is just that most of us only do so subconsciously. When we see a person we pick up several subtle clues, the most obvious being clothing. From body language we are able to assess whether a person is friend or foe; and if we would get along with them or not. In our everyday activities then people are constantly making silent assessments and evaluations. How does this correlate to the law of attraction though?

Our daily appearance and behavior directly influences the thoughts of others. If I were to walk around wearing all black, and stare angrily at everyone this would change their initial reaction to a negative connotation. If I instead walk around wearing khakis and a dress shirt I would illicit a more positive response. However our thoughts and actions go beyond even the obvious posture, clothing and emotional state.

One can even subconsciously read signals on an ideosyncratic muscular level. When we speak to someone we pick up certain cues we may or may not be aware of. However our thoughts can actually give us away. There are some individuals who have trained and taught themselves to “read minds” based upon these subtle muscle movements. They don’t just get a rough idea of what you are thinking either. They can pick out the exact words. It is one thing when an individual consciously reads these thoughts. It is another when we do it subconsciously. These movements allow us to make judgments about danger, safety, truth and lies. Some people are better at “reading” behavior than others though.

Regardless all of our body language both large and small tells people based upon their experience what to think of us. Is our behavior recognizable or is it something new? Based upon this someone may choose to interact with us. When one is driving if they apply the brakes the person behind if paying attention will do so as well.

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