How do I meditate?

I’ve shared with you about the first time i meditated but I never told you about what it has done for me. That is until now. When I was a teenager like every teen I had my daily trials with school and my peers. I had an awful temper and had trouble focusing on my homework. That was when I remembered reading about the benefits of meditation when I was a kid. I decided to dig up my old book on shamanism and give it a shot.


I sat comfortably hands in my lap, with the left hand in the right and I did my counting. I started to feel quite relaxed as if a blanket of calmness was placed over me. The feeling became almost addicting and I did it again day after day. Soon I found myself meditating for 2-3 hours a day.

I had more energy than before and rarely got angry. The more I meditated the more relaxed and cultivated I became. I started to gain an inner wisdom that I was able to pass on to my peers and apply to my daily life. This wisdom was not mine but a gift of the spirit. This wisdom afforded me insights into how people would react and even sparked my creativity. I started drawing and painting more. My work earned me a substantial scholarship to college.

But, I made sure that despite my successes I still thanked God every time I meditated.

“I bow to the spirit in front of me.
I bow to the spirit behind me.
I bow to the spirit to my left and right.
I bow to the spirit above and below me.
I bow to the spirit within and without me.
I bow to the spirit all around.”

Meditation unlocks the divine within and it is the key to a spiritually fulfilling life. Through meditation all things are possible. The deeper and more frequent our meditations the more in tune with cosmic energy or divine we become. The most basic of meditations is also the most rewarding; and thankfully for the easiest.

Breathe in 20 seconds
Hold 20 seconds
Exhale 20 seconds
Repeat Seven Times

After these initial seven breaths you can then allow your body to regulate it’s own breathing pattern. The key is to establish a steady and rhythmic breathing pattern that will allow you to deeply meditate.

During your breathing focus on the point between your eyes above your nose also known as your third eye. Breathe in and out focusing on your third eye. Your mind may wander, but bring yourself back and relax. The 20 seconds seems like a long time but is actually perfectly timed. If you have difficulty trying to get to 20 try with 15 second or 10 second intervals. Eventually, you will be able to do a 20 second count and hold your breath underwater for a really long time too. If you have back problems or other injuries then sit as comfortable as you can in an upright chair and do what your body will let you.

The key to meditation is persistence and depth. Try to devote 1/24th of your day to aligning with the cosmic. I try to meditate every day in the morning and at night for 30 minutes. In the morning right before I eat or at night before I go to sleep. Try to set aside a dedicated space for your meditations, eventually it will become habit when you are in this space that your body will auto-magically relax and unwind itself. This leads to deeper meditations, something I will cover later on. For now focus on maintaining a daily schedule when you meditate. The amazing thing about meditation is unlike other activities in life it is the only one where you can still benefit from trying even if you cant master it. As long you are making an honest effort then the spirit will try to work with you to help you find those opportunities to build a closer connection to God.

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