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Healing Power of Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals have been ascribed with amazing vibrational and healing frequencies. They are used in numerous rites and rituals by many spiritually minded practitioners. The application of quartz crystals can be found in the use of wands, and full body healing.


To perform a crystal healing one would have themselves or their patient lay down, for several minutes and begin a meditative breath. One may optionally play ambient music to further calm the patient.

Once the patient is relaxed stones and crystals will be placed on the center of the body in accordance to the colors and alignment of the 7 chakras

  1. Crown Chakra (white/clear)
  2. Third Eye Chakra (Violet/Purple)
  3. Throat Chakra (Blue)
  4. Heart Chakra (Green)
  5. Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)
  6. Sacral / Naval Chakra (Orange)
  7. Root / Earth Chakra

Where they are placed depends upon the chakra; a particular stone would be used such for each chakra such as amethyst for the third eye.

To begin two clear quartz crystals are placed , one above the head, and another below the feet. These would be used to balance and align the chakras and other stones, for optimal vibrational healing frequency.

As the crystals are placed they are pressed gently, but firmly and the healer imagines them merging with the chakra, each stone will help to strengthen the particular core chakra and to help relax the patient.

This technique is worked from the root chakra to the crown chakra. With each stone placement the hands are either flicked or blown upon to release any cumulative energy the stones may effect. This method ensures that each chakra and stone correlation are pure and untainted.

The patient will then relax with the stones for another 15-30 minutes and at the end the stones will be carefully removed in a similar manner to their placement so as not to disturb the patients equilibrium.

Unfortunately, medical science has yet to prove any genuine medical benefit from crystal healing aside from the relaxing meditation and the patients own psychological effects. Now this is not to discount crystal healing but to merely point out that it should not be used to cure any major ailment or disease.

This whole operation may leave an outside observer with a simple question of how on earth could this heal anyone or if you are like me you are left to ask how can you feel crystal vibrations or where on earth did someone get the idea for this?

To which I can only say quartz crystals are not without their practical application. quartz crystals are used in the following applications; communications, navigation, radar, sensors, guidance systems, fuzes, atomic clocks, astronomy, & geodesy, mobile/cellular/portable radio/ telephones & pagers, computers, crt displays, disk drives, modems, watches, clocks, tvs, cb radios, pacemakers, GPS, and many more similar applications.

In all of these applications quartz crystals are valued for their unique vibrational frequencies, as well as the fact they offer, stability (with time, temperature, acceleration and radiation), low noise, low power consumption, small size, fast warm up, and they have a low life-cycle. But how are these quartz crystals used in practical application?

The quartz crystal first got noticed back in 1880 when the Curie brothers Pierre and Jacques discovered when mechanical pressure is applied to a crystal unit, electricity is generated on the surface, otherwise known as the piezoelectric effect. The most basic application is in simple ignition systems for stove. When a button is pressed a spark (electricity) is generated and light�s the pilot light. But besides this application of the quartz crystal it did not get it’s first real job until 1917 when the crystal was used in sonar devices.


Since then the Quartz crystal has been grown artificially and developed into crystal oscillators. There are four types of oscillators SPXO Simple Packaged X�Tal Oscillator, TCXO Temperature Compensated X’tal Oscillator, VCXO Voltage Controlled X’tal Oscillator and the OCXO Oven Controlled X’tal Oscillator which are used in all of the technologies I mentioned before.

It is from this modern and practical application of the quartz crystal that I believe many spiritually minded folks got the concept and idea that all crystals function on vibratory frequencies. So it is not a hard leap to imagine that one day someone was discussing information on how Crystal Oscillators function and the next someone runs with the idea that they can perform healings with crystals. It can be concluded then that there may have been a little information lost in translation. Despite all of this the one thing I can neither confirm nor deny is if crystal healings do in fact have a benefit for the soul. Since there is no quantitative or qualitative method to measure such a thing we can only surmise maybe it does or maybe it doesn’t. That said should you be curious enough to attempt or to receive a crystal healing please, don’t have any presuppositions that it can cure physical ailments. Just simply admire it for what it is, many beautiful and semi precious gem stones covering your body, while you meditate.

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