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Gnosticism and Buddhism in the Matrix

I actually had intention of writing about spirituality and religious iconography in the matrix, but someone else has done a much more thorough job.

“Although as a “modern myth”4 the film purposefully draws on numerous traditions,5 we propose that an examination of Gnostic Christianity and Buddhism well illuminates the overarching paradigm of The Matrix, namely, the problem of sleeping in ignorance in a dreamworld, solved by waking to knowledge or enlightenment. By drawing syncretistically on these two ancient traditions and fusing them with a technological vision of the future, the film constructs a new teaching that challenges its audience to question “reality.”

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  1. Ashlar says

    Yes! I saw it all, I saw everything…the full truth! The other world, the REAL world. How can I be the same man again, now that I saw what I saw? How can I record and put what I saw in words? It’s impossible! Can you fit the ocean in a glass of water!? Then how can I speak of the things of the other side? It’s like downloading from a zillion Terrabyte Hard disk! How could the normal brain process and record such volume of information? My mind opened and connected to THE universal mind!

    How come I never knew this before? How come only so few are the ones who know? It is a day to Rejoice! A day to celebrate! I find it hard to believe that I am sitting still on my desk in the office! What an illusion! Truly, what a prison we live in! This so called reality!

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