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Ghost Hunt in Maine | Part 2

Ghost Hunting | Part 1

I looked around and made note of some of the older graves. “Why don’t we head over to that newer Mausoleum? I have a feeling it may be over there.” We were all turned around in the cemetery we didn’t know our left from our right. I was just making a decision based upon a presence I noticed in that direction. It was something I had not encountered before especially in a cemetery.

“Alright, but it’s not over there.” My friend was set on finding the haunted Mausoleum. “I know what it looks like, I saw a photo and that is not it.” As we got closer though another Mausoleum, an older one was nested behind it in the woods. This was it, I knew it was, I knew it before I ever saw it.

“Look, there it is right behind this one.” The building if you can call it that, was gorgeous, you could see all the hand craftsmanship that went into the construction and stone cutting. The glass windows had been replaced with granite relief sculptures. We were at the back of the building. My friend moved forward to get to the front of the Mausoleum.

“I don’t understand how someone could sprain their ankle..” he started to say as he got to the front of the Mausoleum, …”oh, never mind I do.” Curious as to how he suddenly changed his mind I stopped admiring the construction and wandered to where he was.

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“Wow, I can see how, this is one shear incline.” The Mausoleum was at the top of a very steep incline or cliff. It had a beautiful view overlooking the forest and the river. It was at the top of the cemetery. We had approached it from the back the complete opposite direction. The presence was much stronger than before, but it was not malicious, I knew now it was benevolent. I wanted to find the source so I turned around to look at the building. The scene was reminiscent of something out of the movies, an old crypt in the forest, with no way to it but from the cliff.

“I don’t see any broken branches.” I looked at him confused, yes the story had mentioned the uncanny falling branch, but it was 4 years ago. Surely, he was joking. I walked to the entrance of the mausoleum. It was sealed with a large slab of granite. The doors had long ago been defiled and destroyed. I looked around trying to find what caused this presence. “THis sucks we haven’t even found a ghost!” I forgot he couldn’t sense it.

“Let’s look around, and see if we can find anything.” He seemed to like the idea, and set to tromping on the cliff side still looking for the branch. “Look at this!” I slid down to see what he had found. “This pine tree snapped a good six feet from the roots. That never happens, normally when a tree breaks it’s at the top or uproots. This is weird.” It was odd, and the break was right in line with the path up to the tree. But, the maintenance crew has done due diligence to keep the area clean. As they should after a string of over 150 vandalized graves 3 years before.

I looked up further on the cliff, and saw several tombstones that had been disposed of on the cliff side. “This is disgusting.” I knew now why the spirit was here. I said a prayer, of the holiest benevolence I knew. Then I heard a soft yet commanding voice.

“Why are you hear?” It was in my mind. I stood there still staring at the roof. There it was from above watching over the whole scene.

“We mean you no harm, we just wanted to see what had happened here.” There was a pause.

“Thank you.” I was rather taken aback as it was clear this spirit had done its best to suppress to hide its presence. “You are welcome here.”

“Thank you, for allowing us to visit.”

“Hey are you coming?” My friend had gone up ahead of me and was wondering why i was just staring into space. “Let’s go this way there is nothing here.” I smirked.

“Yeah, nothing here.” We walked back to the new Mausoleum, and stopped at the graves, on the cliff side. “Let’s see if we can find anything else. We walked back towards the car.

“You forgot something.” The spirit had given voice again.

“Hey, let’s go back I want to check out one more thing.” We weren’t too far ahead so we walked back. I stopped at the front steps of the Mausoleum and looked down at the ground. There was an piece of brass from the old door buried in the dirt. I picked it up. “This is what I was looking for.”

“Weird.” I looked at my friend perplexed. “It’s in the shape of an L.” Sure enough he was right it had been bent to an L shape. I heard the spirit again.

“I need your help. I am not strong enough to keep this place safe but you are. That is my gift to you if you can bless me with some of the divine light.” I thought about it, what if this was not a benevolent spirit but a malicious demon tied to this place.

“Look at this.” My friend had run back into the woods again. “It’s a piece of the old door.” I walked over to him as I mulled the words over in my mind that the spirit had said. “They’re all over the place.”

“How did they tear down the door? Granite, brass, what happened here?”

“Vandals.” I knew then the spirit appeared after the graves had been resealed with the granite. After seeing this I knew it had answered my question and was worthy of my help.

“So be it.” I blessed the spirit, with the protection of God.

“You must go now, before they close the gate.” I looked over to my friend who was busy climbing up and down the cliff slope.

“Let’s go, it’s getting late.”

“Why? I thought we could come back after dark to see if we could find the ghost.” I forgot again he was unaware of all this.

“We need to go before they close the park.” I saw the grounds keeper’s truck in the distance doing final rounds now. The spirit was right. But we were too late. The sky darkened quickly, and by the time we got back to the car you could see your breath. We got in and drove down the dirt roads of the cemetery and sure enough the gates were closed. The gate keeper no where to be found. “Well, I guess we need to go to the house and ask for help.”

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