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Get rid of your Achilles heel or kryptonite

No one is perfect and if you are then you don’t need to read this. All humans have weaknesses or traits that we dislike. Some of us may have an unhealthy addiction to cigarettes, while others obsess about their appearance. Then there are the more subtle things such as; eating dessert after every meal; or picking your nose in public.

The first thing you need to do to over come your addictions or weaknesses is to identify them. To do this you will need to record your actions for one week. What you will need, a pen and a pad. Starting tomorrow from the moment you wake up write down what you do.

* Use bathroom
* Take shower
* Turn on radio
* Dry off
* Comb hair

The idea is to create a list of the days events of things we do and foods we eat. The list will become important later on. The importance in writing down what we do is that by writing what we do everyday; we slowly become more aware of our day to day activities.

In one weeks time you will have your notebook filled with activities, and tasks of things you have done. If you did not fill out the notebook for an entire week, then we may have identified one of your weaknesses. Open up the notebook and look for reoccurring things. I noticed on my daily journal there was a lot of snacking, and in particular sweet food. Also looking at the list there is far too much time surfing the internet; and not enough time devoted to exercise.

These are obvious things that can be seen just by writing down a list. What about the less obvious things? This is hopefully when you became more aware of what you do everyday. It could be that you noticed you chew your fingernails when you talk on the phone. Maybe you simply walk with your back slouched. You may need to ask a friend or coworker if you have any habits that they notice.

Now that we are more aware of our day to day activities we can begin to fix what may be problems. First thing we do is write another list of our problems.

* Too many snacks
* Not enough exercise
* Cross arms when nervous
* Slouch while seated

Your list may be short it may be long, it doesn’t matter. Overcoming addictions and weaknesses is not an easy task so to start just pick one. If we overwhelm ourselves and try to fix all of our problems all at once we may become worse off. I’m going to pick too many snacks as the problem to overcome.

The actions I would take to overcome eating too many snacks would be as follows.

*why do you do it?*
Why do I snack? Do I do it because I am hungry or because I am bored. This needs to be identified before starting.

*remove temptation*
Now that I have identified why I snack I can remove temptation. This means getting rid of all junk food, or anything snack like.

*get a replacement*
Since I snack primarily out of boredom I can come up with a replacement. If I get the urge to snack now, I just chew on a piece of gum. This tricks the body into thinking it is eating when it is not. It also makes it easier than quitting “cold turkey”.

*exercise awareness*
This is the most difficult part, in order to stop snacking I need to be aware. Be aware of what circumstances make me want to snack as well as when I typically snack.

These four principles will help one to identify and overcome most of our addictions, or subtle weaknesses. Now if one wanted to get over their slouching problem the steps may be different. Does one slouch from genetics or bad posture? To remove the temptation of slouching would actually be just to exercise awareness. The replacement would be to stand up straight or seek medical assistance. If you have an Achilles heel or a weakness to kryptonite; you now have the tools to overcome them.

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