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Following the Divine Path

We all have questions for ourselves, it is inevitable. It is these questions that drive and motivate us. For me the question was what do I do with This Website. It had been a question I have battled with for a long time. Many years ago I tried to sell then backed down. Then the site entered a dark period, with occasional visits from me to brighten it up. This year I finally acquired the last piece to the puzzle.


Excommunicate dot com

This matches the rest in the set of .net and .org. But it came at a great financial cost. This would have been fine had I still the passion and desire to update the site. I didn’t. At least not for most of the year. I hemmed and hawed should I sell it, let all this time, effort, energy, go? I almost put the site up for auction. A little voice inside me told me to wait.

I picked up a copy of Paramahansa Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi. It had been 7 years since I had started reading it. So I jumped in somewhere at the beginning again. I became engrossed with the book. I had more and more questions, I started to meditate again.

Then it happened, my purpose, and sense of direction changed. I had focus again, I had will power, and more importantly I had divine guidance. I sold all of my occult paraphernalia, books, pendants, talismans, spiritually possessed items, everything. The only thing that remained was this site. I waited. One month, three months, six months then I heard an answer deep in meditation. As in I literally heard a voice speak to me. It said

“Keep the site. It is a gift from God while you are here. It is to be your voice and a guiding light to others.”

So to the 75 people I know will get this update thank you for waiting, and to the 20 that actually read it thank you! This marks the start of what will be a new beginning.

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