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Five ways to expect the unexpected

You have heard it before but how can you expect the unexpected? You can’t, but that doesn’t mean you should not try to prepare for the unexpected. The unexpected encompasses everything, from the extreme to the mundane.

Be Observant
Paying attention and being aware of your surroundings will help you to avoid more accidents.
Being observant is not an easy task, it involves constantly looking around and paying attention. The key is to keep your mind active and not get wrapped up in the moment.

Be Patient
Instead of leaping into a situation, take the time to study what you may be getting into. Use patience and time to your advantage. Not everything needs to happen as soon as possible. It is only our fast paced societies that make us think that. The biggest battles are often won with a little time and patience.

Let Go
You won’t be able to win everything. Be ready to let go when you have no control. Sometimes struggling often makes things worse than just going with the flow. Letting go allows us to move with the natural order of things and makes it easier to cope with.

Trust Your Instincts
The best way to prepare for the unexpected is to start to trust your instincts. Learn to go with your initial reaction more. The more you trust yourself, the more often you will be able to predict bad or good situations.

Prepare for the inevitable
Sometimes unexpected things such as the loss of electricity can be anticipated. Set up safeguards in case some such unexpected event were to happen.
The Boy Scouts of America have a saying “Always be prepared.”

These simple steps can’t guarantee that you will always be ready for whatever life throw at you. Hopefully they will keep you from being totally off guard next time the unexpected happens.

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