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Explaining the Law of Attraction

I recently had opportunity to look back and study the past year of my life. Where I started as well as where I am going. Doing so I came to a few realizations. I think the most shocking of these would be that I have spent very little time working on my spiritual life. This is what I thought at least. It has been almost a year since Excommunicate’s relaunch and in that time traffic has nearly tripled. I left my day job and became fully self-employed. Amongst my jobs is my time to this site. That’s when it hit me. I may not have been practicing daily meditation but there is one skill I have greatly improved.

Many of you know it as the law of attraction, but before it was called a law it was the will of the universe, it was the power of your own mind. It is something most every gnostic, occult, new-age, or wiccan book touches upon. All of them say it in different ways but it is the same thing. It is a point I feel deserves reiteration.

*Thought is creative.*
First and foremost thought is creative. It may not literally be able to create matter out of air but it can definitely shape and define the world we live in. All one needs to do is look around you. Everything you see that man has created was thought of.

*Utilize Action*
You are alive and you know it. All one needs to do is take the first step to bring about change. You cannot build muscles if you do not exercise. The same rule is applied to any activity. You can’t paint a masterpiece if you only think about it.

*Think Positive*
This bears mentioning because this is how so many feel the law of attraction works. Is it divine law that mandates your current state or is it your own subconscious will? If you constantly focus on the negative, oh that girl is too fat, or I can never afford that, then that is what you get. You have trained your mind over a period of time to only see value in negative aspects. Until eventually it consumes you like a poison. The more you focus your attention on things you dislike the more you will see them.

It works on the same principle of when you get a tattoo, or buy a new car. You may have never noticed people with tattoos before but because you now have one you are more conscious of their existence. So the appearance of the tattoo seems to be more common place. The actual number of people with tattoos has not changed but your perceptions have.

Thinking positive therefore will do the same thing. You become less aware of the negative and you will naturally become happier and more content. It’s not a divine law but your own perceptions that change your surroundings.

*Experience it*
There is something to be said about feeling something has happened versus imagining it. Let’s start with something small. Imagine you want a round black stone to show up in your life. First tell yourself you want a smooth black stone. What do you get? The sensation of wanting a black stone. You have told your subconscious that you want a black stone, so that is what you get the feeling of wanting it. Now picture a black stone in your mind, imagine picking it up off the ground. Feel what it is like to hold the stone. Actually clasp your hand as if holding the stone. While your holding the stone express your gratitude for being so lucky to find it. Open your eyes.

You have just done a few things, by thinking about the black stone in this way you have made yourself more aware and open to the idea of finding the stone. You have used your mind in a creative way and instead of wanting to have a stone you actually had it. Thinking and living using creative thought, positive outlook and living experiences can’t guarantee you a better life. It will greatly improve your chances of getting what you want though. Especially if you change your perception from negative to positive. It may seem slightly corny at first. But; would you rather be grumpy and miserable all the time or happy, go lucky? The choice really is yours.


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