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Echoes from the past or how to hunt ghosts

There is something interesting about the transition of time. One is able to see the visible changes in the historical items left behind from each generation. Items remain and technology improves and yet the human spirit has remained unchanged. Mankind still has the will to war in his heart, as well as the will to love. The only difference between people today and people a thousand years ago, is their education and ability to deceive has improved considerably.

Despite our continued downward spiral we all have predominantly one dream. That someday we will be happy. For some people though that happiness will never materialize. These people end up taking their hopes with them into the grave. It may be months or even centuries later but someone will encounter their spirit again.

There is a certain sensation one gets when they are about to go somewhere they should not. It is a sensation that warns one and their entire being to retreat. Hairs on the neck will stand on end and a cold shiver will run down the spine. A dread feeling washes over you as you get the sinking suspicion you are not alone. The world is full of people living and dead. It seems you just had an encounter with a ghost or wayward soul.

Someone from some time is calling out to you, they are asking you to leave. If you are lucky the cold feeling down your spine is al you will get. It is here you have a choice you can pursue the spirit or leave. Most of us, will just have these half chance encounters and relish the fear or terror for a moment. Others, it does not end with a simple shiver. Others of us must dig deeper. While some will continue to poke the invisible bear others know that something must be done about this lost soul, or malice full demon.

*The Basics*
Before one should ever consider ghost hunting consider the following. Most likely the sensations you have are purely psychosomatic. As such any further delving is brought upon you in your own mind. I would say more than 98% of all ghost spirit or demon encounters are in the mind.
Supposing that your encounter with a ghost is in the 2% then remember this. It is not a ghost, it is an unhappy memory or imprint on time. We all strive to achieve happiness and for some the ending is so traumatic it leaves an ethereal stain on the earth. The moment of torment gets played over and over. IF neither of these are the case then you may have just found a demon or ghost.

Assuming you are not deluding yourself into believing there is a ghost or some other fantastic entity you need to take proper precautions. One must defend themselves physically and spiritually. The most basic and quickest defense is to “make a spiritual shield”:http://www.excommunicate.net/how-to-feel-your-aura-and-make-spiritual-armor .
If that does not work then simply drawing a circle around you in the name of the divine will keep you safe from any negative energy.

Once you have your spiritual defenses up, you need to determine what it is you are facing. Depending upon what it is depends upon your course of action. If it is a stain on time then any properly executed banishing ritual will work and burning of sage to cleanse the environment. However, if it is a demon or lost soul one needs to proceed with extra caution.

Each religion, and each spiritual belief system has its own way of performing exorcisms. One need choose the one that fits them spiritually as well as one that will be efficacious enough to remove the haunting. Exorcising a spirit or entity may take several tries and may require diverse “methods”:http://www.excommunicate.net/lesson-6-in-gnosticism-the-enchantations The most important thing is to keep yourself safe and to not proceed unless you know what you are doing. Otherwise your home may be the new place for the wayward soul to haunt.

Exorcising spirits, demons, or even pretending to is not something for everyone. It is not even something that should be seen as a viable excuse for unexplained phenomena. Ghosts, and hauntings are just our species’ way of trying to make more of an otherwise seemingly obvious and simple world. On rare occasion if evidence speaks differently then action may be taken. However 10 times out of 10 there is always a logical explanation.

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