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Do you want to be single or married?

Is it better to remain single is it better to enter a monogamous relationship? This is a question your average person won’t ever ask themselves. However you aren’t like most people. Why would one want to remain single their whole life?

The view of remaining single is quintessential to numerous religious participants. Monks both Christian and Buddhist take vows of celibacy. These two remain single; and they devote their time and themselves to what they would consider a higher cause. What reasons would one have for not ever entering a relationship?

  • More free time
  • No compromising
  • Act on a whim
  • Never have to accommodate another
  • More silence and solitude for prayer or meditation
  • Devote more time to projects

These are some quick basic reasons why one may want to remain single. On a basic level many of them correlate to time and the use of one’s time. On a deeper level they show what higher causes one may devote themselves to. Higher causes of course is a subjective matter.

What would the advantages be of having a monogamous relationship? Just as there are religions that revere solitude there are those that revere a relationship. For instance there are the spiritual paths of tantric sex and the Kama Sutra, which despite popular belief is much more than different sex positions. Beyond sexual spiritualism there are also numerous reasons one may want a relationship.

  • Never lonely
  • Always have a friend
  • Share the burden
  • Ability to have children
  • A feeling of being whole
  • Relief of social pressures

Both being single and being in a relationship have their advantages and disadvantages. What the advantages of one are may be the disadvantage of the other. So what then is the proper path one must take? Unfortunately it all depends upon the individual and their goals in life. Some people may want to spend their time in meditation, or accomplishing things to achieve fame and fortune. While the goals of other people may be to raise a family. However the primary difference between the two is that having a relationship is a life goal. It is a path one may take. If it suits one’s needs then it is well worth it, however if one finds that they are unable to things they feel more important it is not worth it. What merits worth and value in this instance?

Many things that can be done while single can also be done while in a relationship. Not any of things in a relationship can be done while single. The choice of whether you should be single or in a relationship is up to you.


  1. Ashlar says

    That being said, I’d be interested to know if the author of the article is single or not? 😀

  2. There is nothing wrong with solitude, of course, provided that it is in a “constructive” way like you mention. However, the outright rejection of any possibility of a relationship seems a bit extreme, IMHO. So much about the world can also be learned through relationships with other people.

  3. Fantastic point Greg, without people we don’t have a society. Humans are after all social creatures; so to bear in mind solitude can be a great burden. Thank you for your insights.

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