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Current thought: What is reality?

Subjective experiences, from the day we are born we are fed this world. Our surroundings are a product of who and what we are. The natural form is all but dead. There is so much more than meets the eye. What defines us and who we are is more determined by our surroundings than it is by our natures. In nature, the alpha male can even be made submissive. His nature is to be calm, dominant, and in charge. The reality is he can be made submissive and anxious based solely on his surroundings.

Take a moment and consider the following. A child is born and from the second it is conceived it is hooked up to feeding machines and placed in a mental paralysis. The child is given its environment through subconscious hints and programming while it slumbers in its comatose state. This comatose child’s slumbering reality is that it is not actually human; but superhuman. The child is raised to believe that it is somehow better, more powerful, more aware than the rest of the species. It is the super man. This child remains in this comatose slumbering state; in this delusional reality, until the age of 18. It experiences, love, sadness, and all of our emotions. The one difference is the child doesn’t know the real world it knows a dream world.

Does this synthetic slumbering environment make these child’s experiences and lessons any less valid? Are these comatose lessons not as valid as our “real world” lessons. If all this slumbering child knew were the realities created in its head, all it knew of life would be the dream. Let’s awaken the child; instantly they would go into shock. The world he knows is upside down. His muscles are atrophied from lack of use. What would he do in this situation? What would you do?

Back to our world now. Realize for a moment that you are that comatose child. You have been imprisoned by your mind your whole life. You are just now waking up. Your body, the chair you sit in, the computer in front of you, are all made of atoms. There is no substance merely cohesive thought. Reality exists as an artists painting, it exists as it is thought. Reflect upon your true nature. You are more than this. We have been put here as a test. A test to wake up and realize our true natures. If we wake up then the game ends, the rules change and we can reach beyond. If we stay asleep we remain atrophied.

The child who rested in a coma for so many years, can no longer tell the difference between the dream and the real. Does it matter? Our experiences are subjective when we are young, we must endure. When we are older we choose our own paths. We are responsible for our adventures and our dreams. Pause for a moment, and think of what you always have wanted to do. Go ahead this will still be here when you get back. Now that you know what you want throw it away. Think again, remove the constraints of societies laws, remove the constraints of religious dogma. All you have been told is a lie, society has been designed to keep you imprisoned with invisible mental barriers. Money and debt are made up, the laws made by man, your only restrictions are the natural laws. You are free to come and go as you please and yet you remain tethered to these invisible lines. What are you holding onto so dearly? Don’t be the child whose real life is the prison. We’re in the dream start acting like it.


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