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Current Thought: There is no Freedom

What is Freedom? According to the dictionary Freedom is “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint”. Well according to this definition no one is Free. We are all constrained by laws conforming us to act in certain ways. Surely this cannot be Freedom? However these laws are here for our protection, aren’t they?

What about serial killers according to the basic definition of Freedom they are allowed theirs. Surely we can make exceptions then hence laws. However there is another prison that encases most of mankind. It is a prison we cannot touch taste see or feel. The prison is debt. Most people in the world are bound to their debt. Banks own homes, cars, and credit companies deceive people into thinking they have money. With out the prison of debt most people wouldn’t be able to own shiny new things, or more seriously a place to call their own.

Isn’t it a basic human right to have shelter? We have to pay for our shelter, pay for our food, pay for our clothing. We have no freedom our society is entwined in an unstable consumerist system. There is no way to break free. However all these records are kept on file. They are filed in cabinets, and computers. The only way to erase our debt is to pay it. Then this leads me to the conclusion that money is Freedom. Money is power and as Peter Parker knows with great power comes great responsibility. It really is quite a travesty, the richest people in the world running socially and irresponsible companies. Yet the people are powerless, their defender bathes in the same greed that runs the world.

Don’t we deserve to be free? Don’t we deserve to just live our lives. It is one thing when a squirrel must gather its food for the coming winter. When someone is forced to spend their time to make someone else richer so they can gather a few synthetically enhanced food products it is unjust! To be poor one must be rich. The poor are penalized at every corner. The food of the poor is filled with any number of unnatural chemical composites for preservation. The neighborhoods they live in are in disrepair, out of sight out of mind. Depending on the country you are in depends upon the level of debt. In America if one has bad credit then they will be penalized more with higher interest rates and large late fees. In China there are families bound in debt to factory production. Families make less than enough to survive; as result when the parents die the child inherits the debt. An endless supply of indentured servitude.

There is no escape we are all bound to serve. Unless you have a fortunate birth right and can escape the dangers of being without. Perhaps the most distressing part of being without is that if someone were to pay the debt and give someone a $100,000; it would be gone in a year. Taxes are here to pay for social services, city, nationwide maintenance. However there are exponential expenses. Taxes may not often be allocated to where they need to be.

It is all a matter of who is in charge. Take the revived campaign to give Africa money. The money raised from things like Band Aid and the recent Red campaign is in vain. The officials of the governments that get the money will only spend a small fraction on the people of what they get.
This world is beyond repair. TO fix today’s problems we would ALL need to work together. That is not going to happen because those in power have the least to gain from change.

There is no Freedom only the illusion of it. The world needs a savior, and I am afraid we won’t get one. Unless the divine is true, unless one can truly get seemingly “super human” powers. Then it is all in vain. As time goes on if things go unchanged then more and more freedoms will be stolen. The United States was founded upon the ideals of freedom. Things like the patriot act have stolen those freedoms.

“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.”

Who knows maybe I will run for senate some day.

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