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Critique on the new age culture

Throughout history there have been many proclaimed paranormal means to improve and alter one’s self. There have been ways to increase enlightenment and awareness of one’s own existence. How was this done? Some methods to better understand the mystical were, rune casting, i-ching, tarot, pendulum magic, talking boards, astrology, tea leaf reading, palmistry. The methods and approaches of divination are numerous. What is the best technique for you though?

Can you relate better to Tarot or to the I-Ching? The only way to find out is to learn a little bit about each system and then choose the one you are drawn to. The fact of the matter is they all serve the same function. The level of complexity is dependent upon which method you choose. Why choose a divination technique? It gives you access to your inner thoughts and ideas, whenever you need it.

The function of it however depends solely upon your willingness to let it work. Like many things it almost requires a semblance of faith. A trust in the heart of the system. What is the purpose though to using such an arcane system? Really, the occult only serves as a more dramatic program for self-help and self aggrandizement. The more you believe, the more you get drawn in, the more real it becomes. This principal applies to anything though. However it is particularly dangerous when dealing with the Occult. A fictitious world of angels, demons, and fairies can soon become a dangerous schizophrenic delusion.

Why adopt a divination method? Why indeed, the only advantage from it is the bit of “mystique” that can otherwise be acquired by applying practical psychological methods. I present a challenge to my reader. Try and find one believer or practitioner in the occult. A believer that at one time or another did not play any role-playing games, or read an abundance of fantasy novels. The probability of such is quite slim and near impossible. In fact when a “coven” of wiccans was asked what they believed would happen when they die. Not a one said I’m going to hell, or heaven, or even that they were going to be reincarnated. In fact, most boldly one of them openly admitted that the reason they practice is for the opportunity to smoke Marijuana.

Amazing people see what they want to. At least some are willing to admit their real motivations for such beliefs. This view point however is not short on cynicism. No, I would be lying to you dear reader if I did not tell you at one point or another had succumbed to the dark grip of the occult. This however is not meant as a commentary that do practice and believe. It is meant as a reminder to question why you do what you do. Beliefs are only as secure as their foundations. If we are unwilling to test our own belief systems then we admit that we know there is fault with them. This opens the door to the lie that we have so keenly placed before our eyes.


  1. Just A Pilgrim says

    In fact, most boldly one of them openly admitted that the reason they practice is for the opportunity to smoke Marijuana.

    Saith your post..
    Interesting. I am Wiccan, and have been for nearly 40 years. Also I be a practitioner of ceremonial magic, a student of various systems, traditions, cultures and religions… and yes, I do practice safe sects 😉 Strangely my drug of choice is Coffee with an occasional wicked use of Lopsang Soshong Tea.. Never have I seen anything in the Rede that condones (though nothing prohibits) the use of Pot either recreationally or liturgically. Now Rasta-Wicca, (Goddess in dreadlocks) a possibility… who knows? 🙂

  2. Just A Pilgrim

    It sounds like you have quite a bit of experience under your belt. Unfortunately, most who call themselves practicing wiccans are not as discerning as you. Perhaps, in time things will change and temporary infatuation will pass.

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