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Create your own internal temple

Over time we all find that we need some personal space. Depending upon where you are and what you are doing this can be very difficult. However with a little discipline or even a portable music player one may have their privacy anywhere.

This private space relies strongly upon ones own imagination and ability to block out outside distractions. For me my private space is a castle in the wild forests. I use this space to perform my meditations, prayers, and even rituals. Yet when I do these things no one knows I do them. The personal space is an elaborate mental retreat one may go to at any time. One can go there to simply “get away” or to meditate in a public place.

If you have ever tried to pray or meditate in a very busy place, such as the city bus stop, then you know it is next to impossible without distraction. To build a private space for reflection all one needs do is just visualize.

*Visualize a secluded place*
Start by visualizing a secluded area. This can be anything from a beach, a mountain, a forest, a field, even another planet if you desire. This area is a place where your sacred mental fortress will be. You may find it enough to simply have this mental wilderness be your sacred spot, but I like to go a bit further.

*Imagine a building in the wilderness.*
Once you have selected your wilderness imagine a great castle, or church, even a small natural hobbit home if you like. At the entrance of this building are two divine beings. The beings may be archangels, gods, or your own creation. Personally I like to visualize the archangels Mikal and Gabrielle. These divine beings guard your sacred space, they allow no-one in even yourself without permission.

*Open the door and enter the space*
Once you pass your guardians of your inner temple you may now do whatever you want. The inside of the building can be as elaborate or plain as you desire. Often times, when I enter this internal space, I imagine a great columned corridor that leads to an altar. At this altar are my mental magic items. Behind the altar I have a doorway that leads to another temple. I also have a set of stairs to the right of the altar that leads to even more of the building.

As time goes on I have made this space more and more elaborate. I am able to meditate, pray and think here without disturbance. The space is protected from all outside influence, and I am happy because I can still “relax” in stressful environments. Some people I have taught this to have found it useful to first imagine themselves encased in a bubble. The bubble acts as a first layer of defense against the outside world. Whatever your preference, over time if you practice creating this internal temple enough, you will find it can take on a life of its own.

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