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Corporate mischief with servitors

Some time ago I wrote about how to create one’s own servitor . For those who don’t know what a servitor is allow me to explain.

A servitor is energy, is an idea, given form to carry out a task or goal. It is similar to a sigil in that it is a creation of the magician’s will. A servitor can best described as a magical servant or imaginary friend with function.

What can one do with a Servitor? A servitor can be assigned any number of tasks and it can represent any animal, person, or mythical creature. Servitors can be used to protect, find, help, or even hinder, any task you can think of the servitor can act as an aid to. In this activity we are going to use a large corporate mascot such as one big box store’s smiley face, or another fast food restaurant’s clown. Before proceeding with this activity one must have experience creating at least one servitor.

Most large corporate conglomerates always have some folks fooling around in one manner or another. They may be throwing a ball across the store or racing shopping carts. If this activity does not get them suspended then surely no one will notice a little magick mayhem.

Pick a corporate mascot
For this Purpose I have picked a certain big box store’s smiley face. The smiley face has already obtained recognition and from corporate spending and promotion almost everyone knows what it is. This recognition will work for you.

What task or purpose do you want to accomplish?
Think about this for a moment. This is where you will be focusing most of your energy. If a certain smiley face is known for falling prices then maybe it can aid in falling objects. If a clown is known for bringing smiles, let it bring upset and frowns.

Go to your local store with said mascot
Go to the store that has your chosen mascot. In order to create a servitor, one must actually be at the location where it is to be made. When you are at the store head to an area where you can see the mascot and where you can do your ritual work.

Create your corporate monster
The object that will contain the Servitor in this instance is one of the store signs with the mascot. The more concrete the representation the better. There is no doubt that someone will see you doing this. The more subtle you can create it the better. Once, you have completed the task you can either move to another location of the store to create another one or you may leave.

Now, you can be rest assured that your corporate mascot is doing it’s incorporate duty of making objects fall. To those at the store, they will see it as coincidence. However, next time you are there and you happen to see a roll of paper towels fall on someone’s head; you know it is more than coincidence.

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