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Commune with Nature

I’d found some railroad tracks and followed them over a river. I would periodically have to slide down the stone ledge near the water to avoid the train. Waiting hanging on a sapling while the train passed was slightly unnerving, but I had to get to my sacred space. It was a place deep in the woods by a stream that entered the ocean. This was where I had performed many spiritual meditations and contemplations.

It was this day though when I had an incredible experience, a true internal understanding of nature. Finally after following the train tracks for a few miles and entering the forests for about another mile I got to my sacred spot.

Before I begin I gathered some near by twigs and rocks and formed a circle around my central meditation area. The circle was about 20 feet in diameter. The circle was made to define my space and begin my spiritual intents. I walked to the center of my circle said a brief prayer and sat cross legged with my back to a mighty oak tree.

Slowly, I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth.

“Grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, and brother and sister spirits, ancestral beings, spirits of the animals, and divine creator. I implore thee that you will bless and guide my meditation in this sacred space by this mighty oak.” I closed my eyes and cupped my right hand over my left. “I sit here in this sacred space, to honor and thank you for all that you have given me and the people of this planet.” I reached over to my right into a small leather pouch and took out a handful of corn meal. “I take this corn meal and leave it as an offering.” As I said this I tossed the handful of corn meal in front of me in an arc. “I leave it as an offering, for the birds, and small animals o this area.” I put the bag back on my side and stood up. I turned to face the oak tree. “Oh, mighty oak I ask that I may share in your life and vision, grant me the ability and power to see as you do. To share things as you do.” Hugging the oak tree I sat back down. Legs crossed back against the tree, with right hand cupped over left.

At this point I closed my eyes and began my slow meditative breath. Breathing in slowly I focused on the sun shining upon my skin. I let the wind caress my face and blow my hair. Slowly I let myself sink into the tree focusing only on those things around me. Completely relaxed I allowed my self to move with the flow of the sun and wind. I uncupped my hands and placed one on the tree root and the other I dug into the ground. Slowly I began to understand what this tree went through. I opened my eyes and before me I saw the world veiled in a green light. Everything was a soft hue, gentle. I knew the tree was sharing its life with me. I had never experienced anything so amazing or unique before. I closed my eyes and continued this for probably another 20 minutes.

Removing my hand from the ground but still the left on the tree trunk. “Thank you great oak for letting me share in your life and essence, I am truly humbled and grateful for this gift. Thank you ancestral spirits for guiding me this day.” With that I took out my small pocket knife and using the scissors attached cut off a clip of my hair. “Please, accept this gift of myself as you gave yourself in this holy commune.” I placed the hair in the hole my right hand had been in. I covered the hole up. Before I could finish giving thanks I heard a rustle in the leaves behind me. Quickly I turned and there at the age of my sacred space was a small red fox. Truly this was a day I would not forget. I looked up at the fox and he at me. I nodded to him and with that he ran off. “Thank you my friend.” My spiritual commune was complete, and with that I got up and began my journey home.

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