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Cinderella Society

Today’s youthful generation lives in an apathetic fog. They are too preoccupied with modern conveniences. Those that do care seldom do more than complain. It has always been this way to some extent. The great few have power over the many. What can really be blamed though for this stand by and let it happen attitude? Few will even help if someone falls and hurts themselves, for fear of a lawsuit or even worse they might have to get involved. What is it that we are exposed to that could create such a lack luster youth.

From the moment we are all born we are told we are special, and that good things come to those who wait. Where did these ideas come from? They came from fairy tales. Instead of teaching empowerment these stories teach that good things happen to good people. Quite the opposite seems to be true. Take Cinderella for example. Here we have a young maiden living with her wicked step-mother and her awful step-sisters. Right off the bat we are insinuating that non-biological family will be traumatizing. From here we can fast forward the tale and witness the abuse Cinderella deals with. No escape in sight. Until, one day the prince announces a royal ball. This is Cinderella’s chance to leave.

There are however a few problems with this scenario. The first is that royalty especially in the time of this story, would rarely ever marry non-royalty. The second, is that Cinderella waited for her opportunity to leave. This is fine in itself but it gets blown out of proportion when her fairy god mother shows up. Cinderella is now all prettied up in a gorgeous dress and ready to go to the ball. Fast forward a little more Cinderella loses her glass shoe. The prince finds her as a pauper girl, and decides yes she is the one he will Marry. They all lived happily ever after. In this scenario as is the case with most all fairy tales, if you wait good things will happen. Not only that but you will be rich and successful. Other scenarios such as kissing frogs or hiding with dwarves all yield the same highly successful method.

Could these tales of passive wealth and happiness told to our children have any impact on the way they perceive things today? Absolutely, we would be foolish to think otherwise. Children are very impressionable. Look at the myriad of shows and stories out there aimed at them. The bad guys always lose. Again quite the opposite. The bad guys seem to always win. There are no people modeling themselves to a paradigm of virtue. We are run by our fear and rewarded with the idea that patience and apathy will bear its reward. While, the masses sit and wait; the motivated few take over and do and get what they want. Those stuck in the apathy of the fairy tale, see the world change and before they know it. Civil rights are stripped and the freedom and success they dream of becomes a story.

We live in a cinderella society, we live in a sleeping beauty society, we live in a fairy tale land. Only those willing to go beyond the story and take matters into their own hand will truly ever get what they dream of.

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