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Chi, and Spontaneous Human Combustion

Chi, Ki, energy has long been one of those mysterious super human powers that many people have fantasized about. There are some that even believe spontaneous human combustion as cause of build up of negative chi. In fact an old journal I found the writer states,

“To bring about combustion in another being, one must simply call the chi within them. When one has meshed with the target’s chi one can then elevate their own chi. Elevating one’s own chi within another essentially causes an overload, and as result the target burns from inside out.”

Whether this statement or ability is true, it is doubtful, as there are only a few documented cases of spontaneous human combustion. Perhaps the most famous case of spontaneous human combustion is of Mary Hardy Reeser, a 67 year old widow. The mystery of her death was that none of the objects near by her suffered from the fire. Also none of Mary’s lower extremities were burned. The people who found her had no logical explanation for her cause of death. It was not until 30 years later in 1980 that this occurrence of spontaneous human combustion was solved. The ending result was that she had fallen, and knocked herself unconscious by the fireplace. The impact of the fall caused some hot ashes to splash upon her and then they set her afire.

Modern science seems to have never had an actual case of unsolved spontaneous human combustion. In fact according forensic biologists.

“To my knowledge, no scientific book or article written by a chemist, physicist, biologist, or forensic pathologist has ever reported bodies suddenly igniting through some internal but unknown mechanism. Nevertheless, for the forensic biologist it is worth thinking about the possible evidence that may be found in photographs taken at scenes of alleged SHC.

So where does this leave us with the ability to cause SHC using one’s own chi or energy? To try and answer that I attempted to find a video on chi that was over 15 years old. Instead I stumbled upon a recap with the same man, filmed recently.

In the film the chi master claims he is able to develop a kind of biological electricity like an electric eel. He is also able to set a paper bag on fire using his chi alone. Now they clearly showed that there were no electrical readings, being developed by the man. However he claimed it was chi and could not be measured. Interesting, let’s look at this analytically.

An electric eel, is an amazing creature capable of sending out a shock of 6000 volts. However the electric eel has an organ specifically for the storing and releasing of this electrical voltage. This is something no human could ever develop. unless of course they were in a crazy lab experiment. However his ability to utilize his chi to set paper on fire seems quite amazing. The sad fact here is that this is nothing more than a magician’s parlor trick, that can be purchased from any magic shop. As for his incredible healing abilities, I believe the mere fact that the narrator’s brother died, speaks volumes.

So while both spontaneous human combustion and chi energy seem quite mystical. There yet remains to be any real empirical evidence to prove otherwise. However this doesn’t close the door entirely on chi or energy. There is in fact amazing accounts of monks heating cold wet sheets, with their bodies. That is another day though.

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