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7 tips for anger management

Anger can be a debilitating problem and can forever change how one is viewed. Not only that but if anger goes unchecked it could lead to dire consequences. It is important that we keep our emotions in check especially those with a destructive nature. It is said that anger is just a form of fear turned outward. If that were true then why would people get angry at simple things like not folding laundry the proper way.

*Need a desire to change*
One can’t get over their anger unless they intend to make a conscious effort to change. It would be foolish and stupid of me to assume that I could get over my anger problems without effort.

*Don’t let it all out*
Perhaps, one of the largest mistakes in the realm of anger management is the idea to let it all out. This is the most dangerous approach. In clinical studies when subjects were agitated they were given a pillow to take their aggressions out on. They were told every time they got angry to just beat up that pillow. Instead of _releasing_ their anger on the pillow, it had the opposite effect. It made the subject more aggressive. Every time they hit a pillow they got more and more brutal and aggressive.

A Visit to the Brothers of St.John: Chapters 3 & 4

Chapter Three
A Visit to the Brothers of St. John


In the summer of 1920, I was privileged to visit, in the flesh, the retreat of the Brothers of St. John. I left the train at _____. A tall, olive-complexioned man stood a little apart from the motley throng on the station platform. My eyes were magnetically drawn to his. I at once recognized him as one who frequently visited me in the Inner Realm. I went to him and we exchanged greetings.Picking up my luggage, he led me through the town and beyond into a narrow canyon. Near the entrance to the canyon, three burros were picketed. One was soon burdened with my valise and suitcase; the other two; Augusto and I mounted.

A Visit to the Brothers of St.John: Chapters 1 & 2

by a companion of the Grail

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The book you are about to read is a transcript of the 7th copy of only 25 in the world. Where the others are I cannot say. However I felt it important enough to take the time to transcribe it into an archival format. The original book has a cover of simple brown paper and the pages are of an acidic base. Which means over time they become less and less legible. This is a copy of a handwritten book. It cost me far more than I ever anticipated to purchase such a book. However it was well worth it and is perhaps one of my most prized possessions. It will also be interesting for the reader to know that as small a manuscript as this book is, it details the methods in which one may find the Brotherhood.

This book is distributed under a creative commons license and you are free to distribute it, but you cannot resell or make derivative works of it thereof.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
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So it is with great honor and pleasure I present you with the following book.

Pax Vobiscum,
Jack Dirt

Beyond Good and Evil

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SUPPOSING that Truth is a woman–what then? Is there not ground for suspecting that all philosophers, in so far as they have been dogmatists, have failed to understand women–that the terrible seriousness and clumsy importunity with which they have usually paid their addresses to Truth, have been unskilled and unseemly methods for winning a woman? Certainly she has never allowed herself to be won; and at present every kind of dogma stands with sad and discouraged mien–IF, indeed, it stands at all! For there are scoffers who maintain that it has fallen, that all dogma lies on the ground–nay more, that it is at its last gasp. But to speak seriously, there are good grounds for hoping that all dogmatizing in philosophy, whatever solemn, whatever conclusive and decided airs it has assumed, may have been only a noble puerilism and tyronism; and probably the time is at hand when it will be once and again understood WHAT has actually sufficed for the basis of such imposing and absolute philosophical edifices as the dogmatists have hitherto reared: perhaps some popular superstition of immemorial time (such as the soul-superstition, which, in the form of subject- and ego-superstition, has not yet ceased doing mischief): perhaps some play upon words, a deception on the part of grammar, or an audacious generalization of very restricted, very personal, very human–all-too-human facts.