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How to Pray

Intent Intent, intent is the key. Many people for years, decades, and generations, have said their prayers and seen no results. They become echos, mere words said to the air. The first key to having your prayers answered is intent. Not want or desire, but intent, knowing this is what you want and how to […]

Santa’s Sinister Servants

In the United States and much of the Western World the song Santa Claus is Coming to Town is sung or played on today’s mp3 players, radios, and cd players. All done in anticipation of the arrival Father Christmas. The lyrics are reminiscent of a being that is far more than a simple fat man in red bearing presents.

Happy Holidays


_Behold the majesty and grace of loving, cheerful, Christmas face. Whom many thousands with one breath: Cry out let him be put to death. Whose deeds can never die: So long as man hath memory._

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