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Interview with James Naccarato

Excommunicate.Net has once again had opportunity to interview another fantastic artist, James Naccarato. James a Californian, is married and has three fantastic children. Where he finds the time to do his artwork and help take care of his kids; is nothing short of amazing. However he does succeed, it is with great pleasure and honor that I present this interview with James Naccarato.


*JackDirt: Have you always been artistic or did that come later in life? Did you have any formal artistic training?*

James Naccarato: I was drawing the world around me at a very young age. I was definitely addicted to coloring books for quite a few years, eventually graduating to copying comics and various photographs. I became more serious about art in high school and about 6 years after high school I decided to really get serious. I enrolled at Laguna College of Art and Design and studied fine art and illustration and thus my 60 hour work week began.

*JD:What is your preferred medium and why do you feel you are drawn to it?*

Luke Rudolph Interview

Luke is by far the youngest person we have ever interviewed. Luke’s art career is but at it’s birthing stages and what better way to get into the mind of an artist than at his beginning. Luke is only 17 but already has gained great insight into the world. Luke’s primary focus is on the unequal rights between upper, middle, and lower classes. In effect his art itself is a statement for a class war. It is Luke’s tenacity, vision, and force of will that we wanted to share with our readers. If you do not to appreciate Luke’s art then at least remember the strength and pure vision we all had in our youth.

*JackDirt: Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about your family, and area you are growing up in?*

LukeRudolph: I was born in Madison Wisconsin, and after a few years my family moved to Wausau. Wausau is a relatively small city (around 100,000 people if you count the small cities right next door.) It doesn’t carry the unaccepting stigma that most small towns do; it is rather liberal and accepting of people, cultures and different views. My Dad, Brad, is a 5th grade teacher, play director and lighting designer. He is exceptional at whatever he does, and he has made sure I take a sense of pride in whatever I am doing, whether it is my art or a job that has no real meaning behind it. My Mom, Sarah, is a professor at UWMC and has directed over 40 plays. She has the tender loving care that all mothers should have and has helped me through life immensely. And that leave us with my Brother, Grady, he is a computer science major at University of Minnesota at Minneapolis. All of my family has been very supporting in terms of my art and my philosophies and they are an integral role in my life, thinking and art.

Kris Kuksi Interview

We here at Excommunicate.Net are proud to present an extremely talented artist. Some of you may have perhaps heard of him before, his name is Kris Kuksi and we were fortunate enough to get an interview with him. Kris has a master’s degree in fine art, and he has had his artwork featured in several international magazines. He has also won awards and acclaim for his work from Nebraska to Rome. Kris was born in Missouri on March 2nd 1973, but he grew up in Kansas. His family was not affluent as some artists’ families are but quite the opposite. He was raised by his mother and his father was nowhere to be found so as you can imagine he has very much had to forge his own path to get to where he is now.