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Kiss of the Butterfly or Vampires are real

One’s disbelief in vampires will be suspended once you start reading this book. The classic myths of the vampire are both exposed and expounded upon like no other tale before it. This story was carefully researched and the time and understanding that went into learning the local mythology and folklore of the Balkans is amazing.

Santa’s Sinister Servants

In the United States and much of the Western World the song Santa Claus is Coming to Town is sung or played on today’s mp3 players, radios, and cd players. All done in anticipation of the arrival Father Christmas. The lyrics are reminiscent of a being that is far more than a simple fat man in red bearing presents.

Bizarre beliefs of 1888: New Mexican Witches

The terror of the People-How to catch one Oar witchology is full, detailed and graphic, writes a St. Louis Globe correspondent from New Mexico. Every paleano can tell you their strange habits, their marvelous powers and their baleful deeds. They never injure the dumb animals, but woe to the human being who incurs their displeasure! Few, indeed are bold enough to brave their wrath. If a witch asks for food, wood, clothing, or anything else, none dare say nay. Nor dare any one eat what a witch proffers; for, if he do, some animal, alive and gnawing, will form in his stomach. By day the witches wear their familiar form, but at night dressed in strange animals shape, they fly abroad to hold witch meetings in the mountains to wreak their evil wills.

Part Two: Do Vampires Exist?

“Part One”:

Sometime ago I wrote about the possibility and evidence of “real” vampires. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon your perspective the possibility of vampires appeared to be solely faith based. However, there is another type of vampire I did not take time to discuss.

That is the vampire that feeds off of energy, a much more common and very “real” vampire. An energy vampire is any person or thing that feeds on the life energy, chi, ki, prana of another being. There are even entire “communities”: that support and encourage the act of energy vampirism. Even “Oprah’s Site”: has an article on energy vampires. Consensus seems to be that energy vampirism is a very real thing.

Is vampirism real though? The definition of energy vampirism is any one who “drains” you of your energy, or makes you sad, depressed, run down.