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Interview with Artist Aunia Kahn

It is my distinguished honor and pleasure to introduce to you an interview with a very talented and creative minded artist Aunia Kahn. Aunia has received mention and honors from a number of very reputable art sources such as REFUSED Magazine, Celebrity Artist Michael Bell Radio Show, Juxtapoz On-line, and many more. Aunia also has the pleasure and honor of being Excommunicate’s first photographer. So without further delay I present you the work of Aunia Kahn.


“CAVI proudly presents the interactive staging of the thousand year old runic stone Mejlbystenen, situated at Randers Kulturhistoriske Museum. As part of the MMEx project, the staging was produced in collaboration with the rest of the MMEx consortium and TEKNE Production.

Using advanced projection techniques the staging gives the audience a totally different experience, telling the story written on the stone, and leaving an inspiring illusive experience in the mind. ”