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Blood is life

Blood has for a long time held a peculiar interest and amazement in the occult, and darker spiritual realms. Blood also serves a much more important purpose. Blood, is life. It is what flows through all animals. There are even animals that feed only on blood.

Vampire bats, aptly named after the legend of the vampire no doubt are in fact true blood drinkers. They prey mostly on sleeping animals, sheep, goats and rarely humans. Their blood acts as an anti-coagulant so they are able to eat until full. Even, the mosquito and the tick feed off of blood. These creatures though are often viewed as parasites.

Perhaps the reason these animals are seen with such disdain, is a combination of legend and fear. The legend of course being the legend of the vampire. The vampire gained the most momentum after Bram Stoker’s Dracula and later the film _Nosferatu_. Even the devil could be seen as utilizing the blood to create contracts. Although the earliest instance of this I could find is in Goethe’s _Faust_. The premise of course being that whoever has power over a man’s blood has power over the man.

This principle is seen across many world religions, and occult practices. Blood is used, as a sacrificial element too. The blood may be from a cow, sheep, or even a human. The sacrifice, the life being less important than the life fluid of blood. What is so incredible about the blood though? Scientifically speaking we know that the blood moves oxygen through the body. It dissolves carbon dioxide, and transports heat through out the body. Blood in mammals, birds, and reptiles is red in color; of curious note being that red is the first color scene after black and white.

To expound upon blood being life and why is blood life? It courses through our veins; like the rivers and streams run through the world. Without it we would die, it also is cause of erection, and arousal in many species. The blood, causes cheeks, to become red and lips to be “fuller” during, and slightly before intercourse. Blood _is_ the reason for creation of life, without it the reproductive organs could not become receptive. Is this why blood has been seen as sacred? Blood not only keeps the body properly oxygenated and heated, but it holds a huge role in the propagation of species. Without blood, there is no life.

Now the role of blood in the occult, is more of a psychosomatic tool. The person utilizing blood in an occult or spiritual ritual then may hold power over the victim. Magic holds power because the of the subconscious effects of blood and cultural fears inherited from society. Power does not come for the reasons of the life sustaining capabilities of blood; but because of the ego. Blood is perhaps the greatest subconscious suggestion or tool one can use to control someone else’s will. This is why there is a fear, and terror behind the control of blood. Control the blood and one can control the subconscious.

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