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Become Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Often times in magic, especially chaos magic, the participants try various things to spice up their lives or rituals. I have heard of any number of creative approaches to this. However this subject in particular on “newWitch”:http://www.newwitch.com not only takes the approach of integrating pop culture into their ritual but describes it for someone to do as well.

“Become Buffy the Vampire Slayer”:http://www.newwitch.com/archives/04/read/buffy.html

bq. “As with any other kind, this form of magick shouldn’t be done casually. Devise a list of your deities’ relevant characteristics: in the case of Buffy I listed: compassionate, empathic, tough, strong, independent, strong willed and ready to protect those in need of help. ”

Now why this works, invoking Buffy was effective for this person because it provided a conduit for their subconscious, or super-conscious to manifest. By creating an alternate identity one can identify with, one allows one’s self to manifest other properties they wouldn’t normally not be able to access in conscious life.

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