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Basics in sigil creation or the only magic guaranteed to work.

Many years ago I began development on a system of magic called symbol magic. The premise behind it involved the origins of such designs as tribal tattoos and what their meanings were. As I started to lay the groundwork for such a system a good friend introduced me to a very similar magic that already existed. He called them sigils, besides having a neat name they have also been the only “magic” I have done that always works. I can’t say the same will work for you but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Sigil magic was first developed by Austin Osman Spare a very uniquely talented artist. Spare served in the Ordo Templi Orientis and also worked closely with Aleister Crowley. The system I am going to describe for sigil creation isn’t Spare’s original concept but a blend of my own with his and the now more common version of sigil creation.

Let’s start with what a sigil is. A sigil is a symbol that is created by you, used to focus your subconscious to do a particular task. The creation of a sigil is done as follows. Pick an area that you feel you could be better at, or if you need more money etc, pick what ever word best represents what you want or need. For this example I chose the word observation, because I feel that I can always be a little more attentive and aware of my surroundings.

Now that I have my word picked out I get a blank sheet of paper and write down the word.


I like to write in all capital letters but you can write it however you like. Now that we have our word written down we cross out all of the vowels.


This leaves us with BSRVTN, now we take these remaining letters and start to arrange them in an abstract manner to create a symbol. You can see my first attempt below this.

first sigil

As you can see if we carefully look at it we can see I placed the T upside down, the R and the B overlap, the N overlaps the R and the S wraps into the B and the V becomes part of the N. The key is to simplify and abstract these letters as much as possible so they almost become unrecognizable.

Don’t settle for your first sketch, this is a sacred object to you, you don’t want to skimp on its creation. I have been known to do anywhere from 20 to 100 sketches before I finally get one I like.
Once I finally get a sketch I like I refine it and add a little artistic embellishment.

final sigil

This is the final product, now that I have my drawing finalized I will cut it out and decide wether I want to leave it on paper or immortalize it some other way such as painting it on a wall, a plaque, a tattoo, or stitch a patch on a piece of clothing.

The creation process does not end here though. We must now give power to the item, this is done in a moment of pure uninterrupted clarity in which we visualize our symbol. There are a number of ways to do this, I use to pass my hand over an open flame and in that brief instant of stinging burn when my body reacted to the pain I would picture the symbol I had created. Some other methods of charging a sigil are during the climax of orgasm, a quick sting of pain, or a deep thoughtless meditation interrupted with a pure focus upon the symbol. The important thing is that you visualize it during a moment of intensity, wether it be focus, ecstasy, or pain.

Once the sigil is charged it can now begin its work. This is where I and some others are at disagreement as to what you do with the final product. Austin Osman Spare says that after you charge a sigil you need to immediately destroy it.
This is one of the parts where our methods differentiate. I abstract my sigil to the point that I forget what it was so I can keep it. As a result every time I look at it my subconscious knows what to do. But when you do forget what the symbol you made means that is when it takes its full potency.

Which brings me to why sigils work. The whole purpose to a sigil is to create a subconscious program. By abstracting it you create a symbol your subconscious can understand similar to any symbol you would see in a dream. It means more that what it is initially seen. The other reason the subconscious adds it to its programming is because the abstract thought during its charge essentially burns it into your mind. These two reasons are also why sigils tend to never work for someone other than yourself.

The power of your subconscious is what causes these talismans to work. Now you have an idea of why that lucky four leaf clover was so lucky. You programmed yourself to either believe or not believe in it, ultimately though things only have the power we give them.


  1. Jay says

    This is very similar to my method. I use poster boards however– I create a phrase, and I spend hours and hours and hours drawing it in different kinds of patterns all over the poster boards. Then I tape them to my wall where I see them every single morning when I wake up, and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. I turn the sigils into pictures and patterns. After the composition is finished, I eventually forget what the original phrase was. Every single one of them has worked, though. This is powerful stuff. It can change your habits, the way you think, and who you are. Be careful with it.

    • marcus says

      Very good point
      I cast a number of sigils three years ago. I have left home started a new life and completely changed as a person. I am two stone lighter,more confident and care not what people think anymore. Before i was a weak guy, had no self confidence, was unhappy. broke and depressed. I am now casting more sigils for my next set of changes. this is real magic. your comment is so true

    • Tracey says

      Intriguing advice. I have just started working with sigils and I’m excited to see my results. Why did you say Be careful Jay? Have you had a negative experience ?

    • Good question, usually there are signs that are often greater than the creation of sigil intended. An example of this would be using a sigil to inspire luck and seeing four leaf clovers. Sometimes they aren’t quite so obvious but you get the idea.

  2. I am in the process of creating a Sigil representing wisdom, and affluence. With wisdom comes affluence. One in the same used correctly, in capitals! Lottery, a job using for profit and tithe,charity etc. if works, my pleasure. To others with experience with these sigils, what have you success, and is in dealing with fallen angels nonsense sense such as Solomon and his FA lot? If so, bea advised of the crossroads. With Krystic love, an angel named. Jcb

  3. reed says

    so if you care about something enough to make a sigil about it how do you then forget about it?

  4. Melanie says

    I’m pretty new to magick and I have used sigils, they do work. I find I need to be very specific about what you want and don’t want. If you forget the cavet of watch out what you wish for as it will come true. Just go wider all possibilities that come with your request. Magick is about change…decide how much you want and I usually add in protection like saying “protect me and all my lives ones from any harm this request could bring”. I’ve wished for the wrong things like a specific person that ended up being a nightmare. It took a long time to get out and get out alive from it too. Seriously this is no joke. Heed the warnings that go with the power.

    • Great observation Melanie! Magick is very literal. It is akin to computer programming. It will do what you tell it to. Sigils are tools and expecting them to pick up nuances isn’t likely thank you for sharing this other readers.

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