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An experiment to improve yourself

I started to write the

following article. I set it aside to revisit it later. It’s now

later, and I have changed it’s purpose a bit. It is part

of an experiment I would like to try. The inspiration

came from this quote I found in a journal of a Vietnam vet.

“It’s a momentous move of today in vindication
against tomorrow’s eventual demise.”

The quote really represented to me how he and his

troops needed to live today to the fullest; because

tomorrow he knew they were all going to die in battle.

I have committed this quote to memory and I ask you to

do the same. After reading this article, I also ask that

in one week’s time you write down briefly how you felt or

any changes in your self you may experience.

I often go on in my day to day life trying to improve

myself. Most of the time though I forget my goals and

continue on with my normal schedule. However every now

and then I have a bit of an epiphanous moment. I have

become very successful at picking out these special

moments in life. I like to use them to my advantage. It

is these conscious moments I seek to utilize, because

that is when I feel truly alive.

I am able to best improve the things I want to change

most in my life by using these conscious moments. There

are moments when my subconscious motivates me. It is this

my own self that motivates me to pay attention and pick out

precious moments. It was actually when I went to get my

fortune read at a psychic that I became aware. I wrote

down my thoughts for my later reflection.

In so many things as the self it has been that I

a self-declared mystic or psychic; would say that a
moment ago there was a God. However an absolutism,
meant that this declaration was an absurdism
or preposterous thing to say. For any aficionado
to ever assume on the mystical and occult
in such a manner is nothing short of sad. I
vehemently despise the mystics who use improv
at their readings. It seems more like abracadabra
than any real thing. It would be nice to see that
even a psychic can be motivated by the divine.
Despite this Nietzche is right God is Dead.

It is in this moment I vented my thoughts to

a fraud such as this psychic. If only but a
moment, it was enough for her to understand
my frustration and irreverence for her practice.
Only a moment let me show her that not everything
that she does is mystical in nature.a It was as

if I just shit upon her face. She looked at me
vexed and angered. I waited a moment before she
attacked me with a barrage of insults. This was
truly not what I had expected from her. Had there
ever been someone more offended I cannot say. I
did not know what to do. So I apologized and left.

It is here that I ask a favor of you; I feel I
am able to offer more with this than a story.
Maybe you will be able to learn something too.
Might I ask that you please take the time to go
over and reread this article? Please take some
time to absorb it. Hopefully you will see what
I learned from this. After this experience, I
voraciously consumed any information that I could
ascertain. I needed this to sway her opinion. So
today and maybe tomorrow, please revisit this.
Even if you only reread this once I hope your
decision to do so will help you.

If you follow through with this article then I encourage you to read the follow up of why it worked.

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