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A Visit to the Brothers of St.John: Chapters 3 & 4

by a companion of the Grail

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The book you are about to read is a transcript of the 7th copy of only 25 in the world. Where the others are I cannot say. However I felt it important enough to take the time to transcribe it into an archival format. The original book has a cover of simple brown paper and the pages are of an acidic base. Which means over time they become less and less legible. This is a copy of a handwritten book. It cost me far more than I ever anticipated to purchase such a book. However it was well worth it and is perhaps one of my most prized possessions. It will also be interesting for the reader to know that as small a manuscript as this book is, it details the methods in which one may find the Brotherhood.

This book is distributed under a creative commons license and you are free to distribute it, but you cannot resell or make derivative works of it thereof.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

So it is with great honor and pleasure I present you with the last chapters of the book.

Pax Vobiscum,
Jack Dirt

Chapter Three
A Visit to the Brothers of St. John


In the summer of 1920, I was privileged to visit, in the flesh, the retreat of the Brothers of St. John. I left the train at _____. A tall, olive-complexioned man stood a little apart from the motley throng on the station platform. My eyes were magnetically drawn to his. I at once recognized him as one who frequently visited me in the Inner Realm. I went to him and we exchanged greetings.Picking up my luggage, he led me through the town and beyond into a narrow canyon. Near the entrance to the canyon, three burros were picketed. One was soon burdened with my valise and suitcase; the other two; Augusto and I mounted.

Up into the mountains we went, climbing throughout the afternoon. That night we slept under the stars. The next morning we were up early and on our way, travelling the greater part of the day. Just how it came about, I cannot tell; but, lat in the afternoon we suddenly found ourselves on the western slope of the range we had been climbing. Below us lay a small valley which I judged to be about ten miles long by four wide.

“None,” said Augusto, “have entered this valley save only such as the Brother Superior has permitted. By men of the world, its existence is undreamed of and will be undreamed of until the Brothers need it no more.”

I looked down upon pleasant fields, pasture lands, gardens, and orchards. Then, in an instant, all these had vanished and I beheld Nature in all her primal wildness. Then again I saw the fields and all.

“Such” Augusto informed me, “is the deception easily practiced by the Brothers. If the unheralded or unwelcomed entered here, he would see nothing …. Look!”

He pointed across the valley to the opposite slope. Looking upon the spot at which he pointed, I beheld- nothing! I turned inquiringly toward him. He only smiled and continued to point toward the same spot. I looked again and beheld – where before I had seen nothing but the desolate mountainside – the yellow walls and red-tiled roofs of the Retreat of the Brothers of St. John.


We descended into the valley of passed through fields and gardens. Not a human being was visible. I took out my watch: it was just about six o’clock. Suddenly rang out the wonderful charms of St. John’s. Augusto halted, bowed his head, and crossed himself. I too, bowed my head and joined him in his silent devotions.

Four times a day the Angelus chimes, at six o’clock, morning and evening; at mid-day; and at mid-night.

The shadows were falling fast as we drew near the portal of the Retreat. There awaited us, Irene, the beautiful and saintly Mother-Superior of the Brotherhood. She is one of the world’s rarest women, beautiful in soul and body. Her early life – by birth, she is a member of one of Europe’s oldest royal families, a princess – was one long tragedy culminating in her disappearance from her brutal husband’s villa. Looking upon her that evening, one never would have dreamed that so much as a shadow had ever flitted across her path. On her face were no tell-tale marks of tragedy. Rather did there seem to shine through the transparency of her flesh, the radiance of an inward peace, supernal in its beatitude. Tall and stately, she stood in the doorway, her white robes and crowning glory of snow-white hair – as seen against the darkness of the entrance – giving her the appearance of a Grecian goddess.

“Welcome, Fra______,” she said, her two strong hands clasping mine, “welcome home!”

It was home, for I had – in an earlier life – helped Liamasea clear the ground for the building of the shelter.

I was led within and given into the care of Fra Manuel, who was to be my constant companion and guide. He led me to my cell which adjoined his own with a communicating door between. There a bath and robe awaited me. When Fra Manuel had finished with me and I stood clad in my fraternity garb, I felt as a rejuvenated being. To be bathed in their magnetized waters and massaged with their magically prepared oils is like having new blood poured into one’s veins.

At seven, the fraternity gathered in the refectory. As we came together, the sweet strains of an organ voluntary pealed through the cloisters. When all were assembled, we stood about the tables and sang the doxology. Does that seem strange to you, reader? It will not when you know that doxology, and other sacred music, was composed by the Brothers long before it was given to the world. After the doxology, the food was blessed and all sat and ate. Music was rendered throughout the meal.

Next, we adjourned to the open court where we listened to a discourse by Irene. Following the discourse, all adjourned to their cells for the evening meditation.


At about half past eight, Augusto came into my cell and asked if I wished to attend the vesper service with him. My heart leaped at the thought of the blessed previelege, and I went with him gladly.

Entering the chapel, we found it already filled; the men and boys sitting upon one side, the women and girls sitting upon the other, this arrangement I learned later, was because of the desired effect in antiphonal singing.

I knelt in the rear and breathlessly watched – with physical sight and spiritual – all that passed. About the altar – which stood in the East – hovered the Angel Guardians, their adorning gaze fixed upon the tabernacle within which reposed the reserved Sacrament. From it radiated a soft rose-violet light of shimmering loveliness.

Irene’s clad in simple vestments, entered and knelt before the altar. As she prayed, her aura sparkled with silvery stars which eventually shot upward through a cloud of ascending devotion. Then a shaft of golden glory flooded downward, enwrapping Irene in a veritable garment of fire. Then she arose and turned facing the Brotherhood. They arose as one person.

Making the sign of the Cross in the air before her, Irene said: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

Crossing themselves the Brothers answered: “Amen”.

Where Irene traced the large Cross, there appeared a fiery Cross, created from the Divine Energy that poured forth from her as she moved her hand. As the Great Cross glowed forth, there was a corresponding dimming of the Radiance that flooded her aura. As each member of the fraternity crossed himself a direct ray f Glory darted from the Glowing Cross and emblazoned on the spiritual body of the worshipper the cross he had traced there. Thus was each devotee, at the very beginning of the Vesper Service, brought into direct contact with the Holy Trinity.

As soon as direct union was established between Deity and worshippers, hosts of shining Angels and “dead” gathered to assist in and participate in the service.

As the service proceeded, glory after glory burst upon my spiritual vision. When the culmination of the service was reached, the chapel was a place of dazzling light and colour.

Immediately following the Vesper Service, came the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. This was a short but exceedingly beautiful service in which the congregation received the personal blessing of the Christ through the Blessed Sacrament.

AS Irene held up the Host before the people, the Life of the Christ shone through it into every kneeling brother. The emotional effect was one of trembling joy – the very air seemed to weep in ecstasy. Such joy cannot be described: it can only be known through experience.


After the service all returned silently and prayerfully to their cells.

At nine o’clock a flood of melody surged through all the Retreat, while above it – clear and sweet – chimed the Angels. Somewhere one of the fraternity lifted her voice in a hymn of thanksgiving and glorification. Soon every voice was blended with hers. Human voice and organ tone and sweet bell chime poured forth their devotion that swirled and swirled and ascended upward like an opalescent cloud of fragrand incense. Surely, such an offering is pleasing to the Lord we love! And then, when the last sweet note had echoed back from heaven, came silence and darkness and slumber.

How long my body lay in sleep, I cannot tell. I only know that suddenly I awakened to myself standing beside it with Lamasea close by.

“Look around you,” he commanded, “and behold the never idle brethern.”

The walls became transparent to my vision. I saw the bodies of those that slept lying peacefully on their couches. And, as I looked upon them, I saw each dweller rise – or, rather, float upward out of his physical body. Upward they rose until all formed a ring about Irene. Instructions se seemed to give them and away they soared on their various missins in the Inner Realms.

“They go,” continued Lamasea, “to do the Lord’s work o’er all the earth. Some will go down into the earth; others will rise far above it to work in the higher spheres or to receive instruction from the Mighty Intelligences that dwell there. Uel Ben Zithra will journey to radiant Venus to carry messages to the Great Brotherhood there.”

THen he told me how all of the Brotherhod’s of all the worlds are bound together by the love and service they yield unto Osiris, the Lord in the Sun. I learned also, that the Great White Brotherhoods on the several planets are but branches of the Mighty Brotherhood on the Sun.

Following these instructions, I went with Lamasea into Avalon, but that is another story to be told only to the initiate.


The next morning at six o’clock, the ANgelus pealed forth its melodious call. And ere it had ceased its ringing, every voice in the Retreat was raised in a song of praise to the Lord of Light and Life, of Love and Truth. After the singing came the quarter hour of meditation and then the celebration of the Eucharist in the beautiful chapel. Then followed the morning meal and the work of the day.

I went with Irene to the laboratories. Here, under Lamasea’s directions, a number of brothers were working on problems, the results of which will someday be given to the world through popular scientists who will announce the discoveries as their own.

We visited next the museum where is preserved a collection the like of which few men have dreamed. Relics are there, saved for the world, which will someday be the common property of the world. Irene told me that each continental Brotherhood has a similar collection.

The library, which next claimed our attention, contained volumes from all corners of the earth. One or two had once been in the famous Alexandria library. Such a collection of books – written and printed on all kinds of material, silk, cloth, papyrus, clay, paper, etc. I had never hoped to see. The fund of information recorded there will in a future day be open to all to read.

In the museums and libraries of the various fraternities the originals or copies of all things man has known have been preserved – nothing has been lost. What a debt we owe our Elder Brethern!


The next morning I again witnessed a celebration of the Eucharist, a brief description of which I shall essay to give you here.

The sacrament of the Eucharist is daily celebrated among the Brothers of St. John, because they regard it as imperatively essential to their spiritual welfare.

Approaching the chapel, I heard the music of the organ. In the hands of the trained occultist, Music is a wonderful power. Tones, intelligently combined in a melodious succession of chords, render the spiritual atmosphere fit for the enacting of the ritual and also bring the physical matter into the right vibration. All beings and all things must be tuned to the “Key-note” of the Mystery.

Entering the chapel, I found it lighted only by the sanctuary lamp and the candles upon the altar. Some of the fraternity were already there, kneeling in their places; others were entering with bowed heads and with hands crossed upon their bosoms. An atmosphere of sweet peace and rare spirituality filled the little sanctuary. Kneeling in the rear of the sanctuary, I waited and watched. At times such a surge of sweet emotion swept over me as seemed strong enough to lift me upward into heavenly bliss.

I watched the effects of the music upon the spiritual atmosphere of the room. Each musical note had its individual colour. As each chord was struck, it carried an ethereal form – lovely in structure and colour – into existence. The entire voluntary created a succession of lovely forms which eventually merged into one beautiful tableau. The radiance from this tableau bathed the worshippers and saturated the edifice. Striking against the auras of the Brothers, the musical forms awakened in them similar color vibrations. It was a rare vision, but Oh, so insignificant when compared with the visions that followed!

When all the fraternity were assembled, the Music entered a new mood. A thrill ran through me. The predominating colour of the spiritual atmosphere was now a delicate tone of blue through which pulsated streams of softest pink. The two tones, blending, produced an ethereal lilac. Identical colours, typifying devotion and love rising in adorations, surged through the auras of the Brothers. The Music was harmonizing the spiritual bodies of the worshippers to the Key-Note of the Sacred Mystery and to that Master Who inspired it. The purpose was so to prepare the spiritual bodies of the worshippers that there might be no hindrance to the inflow of Divine Grace which they were expecting.

Again the music changed. Irene approached the altar and led the chant. A part of it was the Lord’s prayer. Listening, I for the first time understood the words – “Give us this day our daily bread.”

I am not permitted to describe to you the symbolism or procedure of the beautiful ritual; but I may say that it was pregnant with spirituality and seemed literally to transfigure those godly men and women.

In response to certain invocations, angels gathered above and about the altars, participating in ceremonies.

Consecrating the physical elements of the Sacrament, Irene pronounced certain words of power and made certain signs of power. Then it seemed that the heavens opened. A glory streamed downward and entered into the elements and remained in them so that they emitted a glowing and steady radiance. This Light was the Grace of God bestowed through the Mighty One. Who thus threw his life into the elements that through them It might enter into the spiritual bodies of the communicants.

At a sign from Irene, the Music changed, suggesting now the Saviour’s nearness. The fraternity rose and passed to the Altar rails and knelt there and received _the body_ and _the blood_ of the Saviour that they might grow, literally, into His likeness and so be able to Share in his Sacrifice. I observed that the aura of each communicant as he parted the _living elements_ was flooded with the Light that had passed into the communicant with them. The aura of each elongated upward and a vapor, as it were, of blue and crimson floated out and ascended. The vapor from all the auras blended and in a cloud-like form arose and united with the downward streaming Glory. God and His Christ and His Children were in blessed communion.

Poverty of words hinders my description; but if the soul of you doth catch an inspirational vision of the Hidden Heart of the Holy Mystery of Communion, my writing shall not have been in vain.


My tarrying among the Brothers was for but a few days, but in that short time I saw many things and learned much and received manifold blessings. I would that I were permitted to write of all; but you, if you desire to find them, may happily be granted the sweet privelege – for they are found of them that diligently seek them. But, if you set your face toward the Retreat, remember that you will never find it save your desire in the quest be absolutely selfless.

CHapter Four
How to find the Brothers

If one would come under the guidance of the Brothers, whether of the Fraternity of St. John or some other, there must be a determined desire to find them. And this desire positively must be an unselfish one. The seeker must desire to find them, not for what he may personally gain in an increased knowledge and spirituality or satisfaction of curiosity, but that he may add his service to theirs. The seeker must be willing to give up everything for the love of the service. This leads us to the fundamental qualification which is Love. Without Love, the quest is fruitless!

And this Love must be universal. It must be to all creatures and given because the giver cannot help giving – given because the giver has been transmuted into Love by the power of Christ the Saviour.

There is no other way for us of the western world. We are given to Him and He is the Captain of our salvation. And he who comes up by any other way is a thief and a robber and in the power of the black brotherhoods.

Seek ye, then, fellowship with Christ and learn of Love of Him. And when you have done this and shown by your life that you are worthy, then will you find the Brothers. Then will the seeker’s personal Master appear and, taking the seeker by the hand, will lead him along the Path unto the Temple of the Great White Brotherhood.

Pax Vobiscum

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