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A Visit to the Brothers of St.John: Chapters 1 & 2

by a companion of the Grail

archived by “”:

The book you are about to read is a transcript of the 7th copy of only 25 in the world. Where the others are I cannot say. However I felt it important enough to take the time to transcribe it into an archival format. The original book has a cover of simple brown paper and the pages are of an acidic base. Which means over time they become less and less legible. This is a copy of a handwritten book. It cost me far more than I ever anticipated to purchase such a book. However it was well worth it and is perhaps one of my most prized possessions. It will also be interesting for the reader to know that as small a manuscript as this book is, it details the methods in which one may find the Brotherhood.

This book is distributed under a creative commons license and you are free to distribute it, but you cannot resell or make derivative works of it thereof.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

So it is with great honor and pleasure I present you with the following book.

Pax Vobiscum,
Jack Dirt

A Visit to the Brothers of St.john

by a companion of the grail

Issued by the Grail Publishing Company

A Visit to the Brothers of St. John

Being the narration of an actual visit to the secret retreat of the North American branch of the Great White Brotherhood, together with much interesting information concerning the Brothers.

This edition is limited to twenty-five copies of which this is Number 7. (Of note to the reader that the number 7 was written in pencil) September, 1920


Chapter One – The Great White Brotherhood ………… Page 7
Chapter Two – Who Are the Brothers of St. John ……. Page 13
Chapter Three – A Visit to the Brothers of St. John .. Page 21
Chapter Four – How to Find the Brothers ………….. Page 38

Chapter One
The Great White Brotherhood


God created man in His Own Image. But, though created in that Image, man was not created in Its Perfection. That he must attain through a long process of evolution. Into the Great School of Life he was born as an infant containing all the latent possibilities of Divinity. In that School he must learn to master every lesson in order to perfect himself and fulfill the command of the World’s Master-Teacher. The words of the Christ might be translated to read: “Perfect yourselves even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” This, indeed, is the goal of human evolution – the attainment of that Perfection which reveals to the soul its absolute identity with the ONE.


There are those who have reached the goal and now shine forth in all their beauty as “the son of God”. They are our Elder Brethern, for they have come up from the same beginning as ourselves and have passed along the same paths that we are treading. And because of this, they look back with love and compassion upon us younger brothers who are following after them.

These Elder Brethern = we are confirming ourselves – in this discussion – to that portion of God’s Creation known as the Solar System = are throughly organized. Their organization is popularly known among men as The Great White Brotherhood. The Supreme Head of the organization dwells upon that planet within the Sun. His Councilmen are the Heads of the Seven Planets. The Life of the Seven Worlds is thus bound together through the Seven Kings of the Seven Worlds.


Within this great and wonderful organization, there are seven departments each presided over by one of the seven Kings. One of these departments concerns itself with the sublime work of teaching and guiding souls in the Way of Salvation. Those “sons” who labour in this department are known as “the Masters.”

When a soul in its earnestness for Divine Knowledge and guidance, reaches a certain point in its evolution, the Master appears. Taking the disciple by the hand He leads him along the Path, guiding his consciousness into an ever greater expansion until it knows, in their completeness, the five realms of this World-Sphere.

When the college youth completes his senior year, he experiences commencement and receives his diploma signifying that he has completed the course and is ready to commence the duties of life. just so it is with those who pass along the Way with the Master. When they have come to the end of the Way, they graduate from the School of Life. Having attained the goal, they become a vital part of the Great White Brotherhood and begin their life in the Spiritual Infinitudes.


At the head of the Divine Hierarchy working on our planet, is the Lord of the Whole World – Horus the Beautiful – in Whose Being the World Sphere and all its denizens exist. Closely associated with Him are the Spirits of the Seven Spheres. Isis, the World – Mother, is one of these. Her purple wings overshadow and her purple hands uphold Her child – physical humanity. Then there are the ArchAngels who rule the seven cycles that mark the course of human evolution. Affiliate with them are the Angels of the Minor Races and the Angels of the Nations.
Also, there are the Angels of the Continents. And all the members of the Great White Brotherhood.


Presiding over the Teaching Department of the World’s Great White Brotherhood, stands the King o Intimately associated with the King the “Four” (Zach. 6:5.) Of these, one is the presiding genius of the East, another, of the West; a third of the North; and the last of the South. Then there are the “two” – the Brothers – , they who are the teachers of men and angels. They are the Christ and Jesus.

Next in order come the Seven Heads of the Seven Golden Brotherhoods. There is one of these Brotherhoods on each continent. These work in harmony with the Angels of the Continents and with the Angels of Nations. The “fellows” of these Brotherhoods vary in rank – a graded hierarchy from the Head down to the humblest novice. As to how and where these Brotherhoods live, we are permitted to tell very little, but they are an active and potent force in the life of their continent.

It is our duty and our privelege to operate with them. And we who are faithful unto them in the lesser tasks which they appoint unto us to perform, shall some day be granted to see them face to face and be permitted to share with them in the greater labors.

Chapter Two
Who are the Brothers of St. John?


The son of Zebedee, the Galilean fisherman, followed the occupation of his father until called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Then he became the “beloved of his Lord”. Of all those whom the Master taught, he was the most intimate with the Master.

With keen foresight born of a profound spiritual consciousness, John foresaw the time when the Lord could no longer move in the flesh among men and expound to them the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. Desiring to prepare against that day, John sent his own pupils into Samaria, entrusting them with the Pure Word.

There were, originally, seven disciples of John; but their number was soon increased to forty-nine. The task set for them was the establishment of an occult fraternity which should preserve, in all its loveliness, the Lord’s Gospel. Each of the Brothers was to choose one to succeed him in the membership and thus guarantee the perpetuity of this fraternity.

After the outpouring of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost, John took up his residence with the Brothers and increased their number to ninety-eight. Later, the Brotherhood moved to Ephesius where their number was increased to three hundred forty-three, which number was set as the membership limit.


While Jesus lived, the Brotherhood was but a loose organization; but soon after the crucifixion, John gave it a thorough and permanent organization. It found such favor in the Lord’s eyes that he designated it as the Occult Guardian of the new religion and also of the races to whom that religion was given. Faithfully the Brothers have fulfilled and are fulfilling that duty.


Joseph of Arimathea, after his miraculous deliverance from prison, became the beloved disciple of John laid his hands upon the head of Joseph and consecrated him Brother Superior of the Brotherhood. Joseph was an old man with but few years left in which to carry on the work. However, there is no question but that John’s choice of a successor was a wise one. In the light of subsequent events, it is probable that the choice was the Master’s under Joseph’s able administration, the Brothers went out among the Christians, helping them keep alive the true Gnosis.

Eventually, the Head of the Brotherhood – remember that the Brotherhood had been appointed Occult Guardian of the Christian Religion – decide that the time had come to build up a great western church. Availing himself of the material at hand, he selected the Church of Rome. Gradually, the work went on until, in the Fourth Century, the Brothers held practically all offices of importance in the western church. The church of Rome they selected to be “the Church” for they looked away into the future and saw how easy it would be for that Church to reach the people of the western lands – the peoples for whom the gospel was intended.

Wherever the Roman Empire went, there went the Roman Church. Upon the break-up of the Empire, the Church remained a Beacon around which all might rally. Long before the fall of the Western Empire, the Church had completed its real organization, having derived its best from the Brothers of St. John. It was about the time of Charlemagne that the Brothers began to withdraw from the Church. In truth, they were crowded out by the corruption that was creeping in. To-day the Brothers in no way favor the Roman Church.

In the Sixth Century, the Ruler of our Planet directed the Brother Superior to gather the majority of the Brothers together and lead them into the Iberian peninsular. And this was done because the Planetary Ruler had selected the Spanish Race to become vanguard of Civilization in the New World.


The Brothers came to the New World with the early Spanish explorers and established their retreat on the northern continent. From this retreat, they have guided the destinies of these western peoples.


Again and again has Joseph reincarnated in the Brotherhood to assume the Headship. Some of us knew him as Lamasea [ lah-mah-see-a ] in his last incarnation.


To-day the Brotherhood is headed by a woman whom we know as Irene. In the Master’s day it was she who washed and anointed the Holy One’s feet. Through great tribulation she passed into Adeptship.


The great work of the Brothers of St. John has been threefold:
(1) to preserve the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ;
(2) to assist in the occult government of the world;
(3) to keep the rituals of O.H.G.
Originally there work was concerned only with the preservation of Christianity. To one who understands the cyclic progression of man’s evolution, the necessity for a specially selected and segregated Brotherhood is apparent. John knew that the Dark Ages were coming. But for the Brotherhood, it is most probable that the Inner Light would have perished at the hands of mediaeval fanatics. To the Brotherhood we owe everlasting gratitude. Many of them suffered martyrdom, not only at the hands of pagan and heathen, but also at the hands of those who called themselves Christians.

The second work of the Brothers has been to assist in the occult government of the world. There is a Mighty Being – the Lord of the Whole Earth (Zach 3:14) – within Whose far extending Aura the evolution of our earth and its creatures is being carried on. He has a vast plan of evolution which is being carried out, by the host of spiritual beings, under His supervision. The Christ, as one of the Helpers of the King, designated the Brothers to be the Occult Guardians of the western Aryan races. Briefly, their work is to carry out the plans of the King, under the supervision of Jesus Christ. they guide the physical, moral, intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual evolution of the race, working not only in and from the Inner Realm, but often by direct physical manifestation.

The third phase of their work has had to do with the preservation of the O.H.G. But this work they are now passing to others as they must confine their labours to assisting in the occult government of the world.


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