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A quick trick to be your best

There have always been times when we wish we had the opportunity to be at our best. The situation could be anything from a casual party to a serious catastrophe. Whatever the situation is you weren’t at your best and you had wished you were.

An easy way to go from you to super you is using a little self-hypnotic suggestion. This technique will show you how to program yourself to be your best.

Close your eyes
Begin by closing your eyes, breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly, relax. Let yourself calm down, let your mind relax.

Imagine yourself confident
Imagine now the one definitive moment in which your confidence, your stamina, your strength, was all at it’s pique. Imagine a moment when you did something so amazing in your life you could not believe you did it. Remember what it was like that day to have that silent strength. Remember how you were immovable and nothing could get in your way. Help your body to remember how you felt when you were unstoppable.

Relive it
Relive the moment in your mind. Feel the confidence, and power you had that day. You are now reliving that feeling of ultimate invincibility.

Squeeze your wrist
Now when you are feeling your most confident, and you are sure you are reliving that moment. Squeeze your wrist, by placing your fore finger and middle finger on the back of your wrist. Place them right on the edge of where the radius and ulna meet. Now place your thumb on the inside of where the radius and ulna meet. You should be holding your wrist now. With the intense feeling of super you still running through your system squeeze your wrist and tell yourself

“Every time I squeeze my wrist I will be at my best.”

You are now in your super-conscious state. Whenever you are feeling depressed, boxed in, under confident or even a little off; you can squeeze your wrist and relive being the super you.

If trying to reenact being an super you doesn’t work, then I suggest waiting until you feel that way naturally. When you do feel super fantastic great again, then squeeze your wrist and say

“Every time I squeeze my wrist I will feel exactly like this.”

This will only work if you let it. Remember calling out your super-cconscious is an helping aid. Like any helping aid you will eventually find that you may not need to squeeze your wrist to call out your better half and it just comes from thought.

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