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A moral quandry or America home of the apathetic

It was a rainy day and the wind had a cold bite to it. It was one of those mornings where if you didn’t have to go outside you wouldn’t. Despite this weather I still needed to go to the drug store and pick up some things.

9:40 am Arrive at drug store.
This is the first time I went to the pharmacy. At this point the rain had really started to fall heavily. I got out of my car and ran inside. I picked out the things I needed, paid for them and left.

9:50 am Realize I forgot something
It is not even ten minutes later and I realize I forgot to get something at the store. I mubble something about the weather and get back in my car and drive to the store.

9:55 am Something Unexpected
I get to the store and park my car. The moment I get ready to open the door and rush out my car and back to the store I notice something. A man in his late 40’s is laying in front of the doors to the pharmacy. I sit back in the car seat and I decide to watch for a moment. My first thought, “Is he ok? What happened to him?”. I wait and watch. As I sit there I watch countless people go in and out of the store. Every person that goes in simply steps over the man and enters the store or they stare then walk around him.

10:05 am Wait and hope
After about ten minutes of waiting and hoping someone besides myself will notice the man, I give up. Whatever, the reason this man is laying on the side of the building for; be it illness, drunkenness, or for sleep does not matter. What I know is that somewhere after 9:40 this man showed up. Finally, I get out of my car and walk over to the man.

“Sir, sir are you ok?” no response. I rush inside. I walk past the clerks at the register and all the numerous shoppers to find the manager. I tell the manager about the man outside. The manager and I walk back to the front of the store and he calls the police. We go back outside and wait, the man still laying on his side soaked with rain.

From reading this you may find that my role was no better than anyone else that ignored the man. This I cannot entirely disagree to. However, I knew I was going to help the man. What I wanted to find out was how long it would take before someone else would help him. To my dismay no one ever did. No one so much as even spoke to him, unless you count the jokes made on his account. I tell you this story dear reader because I know you are not like most people. I know that if if you were presented with this same situation or worse you would help. But what about the rest of the people in the world?

Most of them believe they are good an honest folk. When an opportunity rises to test that what do they do? Nothing. It is a sad commentary on society. Especially on one that prides itself on upstanding morals and divine faith. So I ask next time you have a chance to stand by and do nothing, don’t. Instead take action and do what others are afraid to do, and help.

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