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A bizarre experience I can’t explain

When I was a child of the age of 12, I learned my first meditation technique. It involved laying down and slowly breathing in and out counting the breaths. The technique required that one focus on their forehead and wait. As I followed this technique, I was supposed to see an myriad of colors flash before my eyes. It would be as if I were traveling down a tunnel. Since I was a child I had no doubt that it would work and to my surprise it did.

I lay in the bed breathing slowly in and out and watching where my third eye would be. At the time I did not know of the third eye. After about 30 minutes I saw a bright brilliant purple light, and that was when I heard a voice speak to me. I remember it clear as day, it was an older man. The voice, was kind and caring, similar to what you might expect to hear about when reading any new age book. It was true though, I was welcomed and asked what I wanted. It was right when I heard the voice though that I got so scared I opened my eyes and screamed as loud as I could. Up until last night I had forgotten all about this experience.

It was about 6:00pm and I was wandering aimlessly across the internet. That is when I found this college student’s page . Initially I just dismissed the site as another harmless rambling. Perhaps, it was a combination of Alex Gray’s paintings and curiosity, and boredom that made me stay. Third page in the author at last had a description of how to see with one’s third eye.

“Using your Third Eye is very simple and only requires an open mind and some patience. Although you can use your Third Eye whenever you’d like once you become extremely learned in the way yours works, there is a suggested way of opening it as a beginner.

First, turn off all the lights in your room and lay on your back with your hands at your sides or rested on your chest, preferably somewhere comfortable like your bed. Some enjoy playing music while they use their Third Eye, but music is entirely optional (I enjoy “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Godspeed”).

Once you are comfortable and relaxed, close your eyes and focus all of your energy towards that area between your eyes. You might want to pretend like you’re watching a screen on your forehead from inside your mind. That usually works in getting you concentrated on that area. You can go on like this for as long as you’d like, but usually you’ll be laying for no less than a half hour, which is why patience is a must. You may be familiar with this practice, which is commonly known as meditating.

Where you go from here is entirely different for every individual and not at all predictable. Many compare it to rubbing your eyes for an extended period of time, to the point where you see colors and shapes, which is usually common when you first open your Third Eye. But once you have reached a point of absolute focus, you have the capability to briefly leave your body entirely and see things the way you never thought you could. I know that sounds bland and half-baked, but you’ll have to try it to understand.”

After reading this I was as skeptical as before, but I decided to give it a try. After all what’s the worst that could happen? It could work? I finished reading the rest of the site and spent a good amount of time staring at Alex’s paintings. I knew he had done some LSD in his time; but looking at those paintings he made it seem so real. I left the site and forgot about it.

1:30 am I get ready to go to sleep

I finally decide to turn in for the night, and I turn off the lights. As I start to fall asleep I remembered the third eye exercise I read earlier. Being no stranger to meditation I am able to quickly get my body in a state where it is “numb.” Essentially the muscles are so relaxed the body has fallen asleep; it is akin to a conscious hypnagogic state. It is at this point when I am deep in the meditative state that I start to smell a skunk. I didn’t think anything of it. Until I recalled I live in the middle of the city. How am I going to possibly smell a skunk? It is in that instant that I experienced something I cannot explain. Focusing on my third eye, with my eyes closed I felt as if I could look through it. I could see with my eyes closed. I waved my hand in front of my eyes, I could see it. I sat up, with my eyes closed, but with my third eye open. I looked to my right and on my bed I saw sitting some sort of giant green lighted blue thing. I turned my head and looked at it quizzically. How is this possible? I am seeing through my closed eyes and there is a thing of green light sitting on my bed. (The best I can describe this for those who have trouble visualizing; would be the scene in the third matrix movie when Neo has his eyes burned out.)

As I stared, I realized the smell of the skunk came from this thing on my bed. Instantly like a startled animal it jumped off my bed and ran down the hall. It knew I saw it. AS I stared down the hall and watch it disappear as well as the smell of the skunk; I wondered how is this possible? I opened my eyes, I was leaning over the bed still staring down the hall. I wasn’t asleep. I had full control of my being as if I were awake. I have no explanation, for the first time I am at a loss. Initially I thought the green blob I was looking at was after burn from looking at a light. But, I had not been looking at a light for near an hour. Normally, I am the first to attempt to explain some “paranormal” instance. This I can’t say what happened, which is why I have shared the story with you. I hope that perhaps you may be willing to try this exercise; and maybe you can shed some light on my mysterious experience.


  1. Connie says

    WOW! that is amazing. very interesting. i think itd be cool to try something like that, but it sounds kind of scary.

  2. Thanks for commenting Connie. It is not really scary as it is confusing. However after the amount of surreal experiences I have had in my life; I have been able to explain most of them.

    Seeing through ones eyelids while essentially awake. Well I just don’t know.

  3. Jack,

    Great experience!

    The purple light (sometimes bluish purple, or golden purple) you saw is a representation of our own higher self or who we truly are.

    Seeing through the third eye leads to expanded vision much more than what our physical eyes see. It is not paranormal at all, it normal on the spiritual path.


  4. i have been trying to find out why i frequently see a bright purple swirly light in my sleep or when i close my eyes as i try to sleep. i have been talking to God at the time this happens. am i nutty?

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  6. I’ve had that seeing through your eye lid experience once or twice. In my bedroom with the lights out I could see my had like a shadow in the dark with my eyelids closed.

    I’ve been seeing the dim purple light and different types of “EYE” in purple every time i meditate or when i’m laying on my bed to sleep. As my focus goes to the eye, the eye disappears and a moment later another eye appears. Does anyone know what is the eye?

    another thing is when i lay down and meditate and get to deep meditative state, i just wake up with all my senses and focus, as if i was asleep or i was about to fall and my mind/something just wakes me up and i’m back at initial stage of meditation.

    any advice would be great.

  7. Alia says

    Mhz, I think you might pull yourself out of it. Maybe you get scared or something and don’t really wanna let go.
    Jack, I wanna try that too, although it sounds creepy. What if I see something bad? Or what if I open a door I shouldn’t and then I can’t stop seeing stuff? Ofc, I’d like that if it means to see the world differently, but I don’t wanna be scared about it. It would keep me up at night

    • In my experience you can just as easily close the door through sheer will and terror as you can open it. Unless you want to open it though it shouldnt open it. Its one of those situations where you just have to relax and trust in the divine.

  8. Carol says

    Jack, I’ve had very similar experiences. The purple glowing light. It moves around my eoom as if soneone is directing it or searching my room but, ive also had the aweful almoat monster smell or womwthinf not human and just the most repulsive smell. These two phenomena dont seem to happen simultaneously. But, both of these weird things happen quite a bit although separately. I not into meditation or opening a third eye. Im.just an average person. I so not meditate. I’m just looking for answers. I stumbled across your post. I also see mitary personnel many times within the purple hlow but not always. I have no known mental conditions or disorders. Can you please comment?

  9. sitis says

    Sleep paralysis with hypnogogic hallucination. I got it a lot in my teens and twenties, especially during periods of sleep deprivation/stress. That skunk is sometimes all sorts of other creatures, including a horse. Thus the term nightmare. You were not asleep, but not fully cognitively conscious. Sorry, nothing spook, just your brain processing stuff the way it does during sleep while awake, which is terrifying and very real seeming. All the senses can perceive imagined stimuli without the stimuli actually being present. Scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. Thought I was insane, knew I was experiencing the same thing as people who feel they have been abducted by aliens or possessed by demons. But no, just the human brain and body doing regular human brain and body stuff

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