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5 Unbelievable giant sized creatures

Some of these animals are living some are extinct. These animals are creatures of legend and intrigue. On rare occasion a giant of a species is born and we marvel at its size. However all of these species are giant. All of them are amazing to behold. Each creature leaves our perception of what size the animal should be. Some of them may seem borderline cryptozoology, but they are all real animals.

World’s largest bird Argentavis magnificens
This is the world’s largest known bird. With a wingspan of over 25 feet, it is the size of a small aircraft. It is estimated that this titan weighed around 150 pounds. Because of it’s sheer size however it could not take flight off the ground. Instead the bird took flight by gliding. It flew in a similar way to today’s vultures or condors. Despite the fact that this bird is long extinct could it be possible that it is the thunderbird or roc of legend?

If a few of the species survived it would indeed leave a memorable impression when it flew overhead. The Roc and Thunderbird were said to be giant birds, white or gray in color. The legends of these birds say they could take horses or people from the ground to the sky.

World’s largest shark Megalodon
Megalodon was easily twice the size of any great white shark. There are records of Megalodon’s fossilized teeth measuring over 8 inches in length. This shark was a deadly predator, pretty much everything in the sea could be its lunch. However this shark that has long been thought extinct occasionally reappears, in some horrible tale. Most recently though this Japanese video allegedly shows what could be a Megalodon.

Giant wild boars
Giant pigs such as the famed 12 foot 1000 pound Hogzilla are said to be the world’s largest and most dangerous boars. These pigs conjure up pictures of Gods like those seen in Princess Mononke. However despite the feral appearance and tenacious nature of these pigs, they are more than likely not wild boars. In fact the world’s largest pig was Big Bill. Big Bill weighed an astounding 2,552 pounds.

The interesting thing about pigs is how resourceful they are. In fact most intriguing is that any domestic pig, when in the wild long enough will grow its hair back and grow tusks. While these pigs are indeed titans, they are not genuine wild boars. Often these giant pigs are placed in game reserves, where for a fee one can “hunt” and shoot themselves a prized pet pig.

Giant Hornet
There is nothing quite as unnerving as a swarm of bees, or hornets. However a swarm of giant hornet’s is nothing short of terrifying. Giant hornets or Vespa mandarinia, is a giant wasp that can reach over 2 inches in length. That is roughly the size of your thumb. The giant wasps are deadly to other species, especially honey bees. Below is a video of 30 Giant Hornets, killing 30,000 Bees.

The hornets however also make for an excellent snack fried or in sashimi. These creatures are considered a delicacy in Japan.

Giant Squid
Tales of the giant squid took center stage in Jules Verne’s 20,000 leagues under the sea, and before that they were sea monsters in sea farer’s stories. It has not been until recently that evidence of the mammoth squids have come to light. Originally dead squids would just wash up shore. They were killed presumably by sperm whales. However in 2005 photos of the first live giant squid were taken.

Many of these giant creatures it would seem live in the water. Perhaps this is because water offers less weight restrain and has allowed these animals to grow to larger proportions. However whether there are any remaining species of the Giant Bird or Megalodon, is doubtful. These are five giant creatures worthy of being recognized.

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