Year: 2013

How to Develop Your Intuition


The fastest way to improve your intuition is through continued and persistent meditation. Once you start on a consistent meditation schedule then your being becomes more in tune with itself. When you are more in tune with your self and your surroundings you are better able to react and make snap judgments, or as it is called follow your instincts.

How do I meditate?


I’ve shared with you about the first time i meditated but I never told you about what it has done for me. That is until now. When I was a teenager like every teen I had my daily trials with school and my peers. I had an awful temper and had trouble focusing on my homework…

Pure Mind Body and Soul


There are three essential things to having commune with the divine. Those are pure body, pure mind, and pure spirit. The three cannot exist out of harmony with one another, but they are possible to achieve in time.