Month: January 2009

Projecting Intentions

It is an interesting thing to control your reality with thought. Most people underestimate their thoughts. Even the simplest idea or act is an act of great power. Take preparing a cup of tea for example. Consider all the acts and motions that go into preparing that tea. The tea must be grown, harvested, dried, packed, shipped, purchased, prepared, and finally sipped. The simplest act of having a hot drink to relax carries some of the most profound actions.

Our lives are full of connected chains like these. Every chain has purpose, appreciate the act, learn to control the outcome. Today the focus is less upon the act of thought but more upon observation. Take about five minutes to sit by yourself in a chair.


“CAVI proudly presents the interactive staging of the thousand year old runic stone Mejlbystenen, situated at Randers Kulturhistoriske Museum. As part of the MMEx project, the staging was produced in collaboration with the rest of the MMEx consortium and TEKNE Production.

Using advanced projection techniques the staging gives the audience a totally different experience, telling the story written on the stone, and leaving an inspiring illusive experience in the mind. ”