Month: April 2008

The Book of Thomas the Contender

Translated by John D. Turner

The secret words that the savior spoke to Judas Thomas which I, even I, Mathaias, wrote down, while I was walking, listening to them speak with one another.

The savior said, “Brother Thomas while you have time in the world, listen to me, and I will reveal to you the things you have pondered in your mind.

“Now, since it has been said that you are my twin and true companion, examine yourself, and learn who you are, in what way you exist, and how you will come to be. Since you will be called my brother, it is not fitting that you be ignorant of yourself. And I know that you have understood, because you had already understood that I am the knowledge of the truth. So while you accompany me, although you are uncomprehending, you have (in fact) already come to know, and you will be called ‘the one who knows himself’.

The question of lucifer

The doctrine and ritual of transcendent magic
by Eliphas Levi


The term Modern Satanism is not intended to signify the development of some new aspect of old doctrine concerning demonology, or some new argument for the personification of the evil principle in universal nature. It is intended to signify the alleged revival, or, at least, the reappearance to some extent in public, of a _cultus diabolicus_, or formal religion of the devil, the existence of which, in the middle ages, is registered by the known facts of the Black Sabbath, a department, however, of historical research, to which full justice yet remains to be done.

15 minutes a day is all I ask

When I was a young boy I made it a habit to stretch, pray and meditate for at least 15 minutes a day. The prayer was to remain spiritually vigilant, the meditation was to calm and relax nerves and body. The stretching was to unwind and relieve muscle tension. Just 15 minutes a day is all I needed, sometimes I would take as long as 2 hours. I would practice different meditation techniques or I would spend some extra time stretching, or praying. Whatever, the time spent was my body, mind and soul were in unison with each other.

Enuma Elish The Epic Of Creation

The creation story of ancient Sumeria. Translator Unknown.

TABLET I When skies above were not yet named Nor earth below pronounced by name, Apsu, the first one, their begetter And maker Tiamat, who bore them all, Had mixed their waters together, But had not formed pastures, nor discovered reed-beds; When yet no gods were manifest, Nor names pronounced, nor destinies decreed, Then gods were born within them. Lahmu and Lahamu emerged, their names pronounced. As soon as they matured, were fully formed, Anshar and Kisar were born, surpassing them. They passed the days at length, they added to the years. Anu their first-born son rivalled his forefathers: Anshar made his son Anu like himself, And Anu begot Nudimmud in his likeness. He, Nudimmud, was superior to his forefathers: Profound of understanding, he was wise, was very strong at arms. Mightier by far than Anshar his father’s begetter, He had no rival among the gods his peers. The gods of that generation would meet together And disturb Tiamat, and their clamour reverberated.