Month: March 2008

Explaining the Law of Attraction

I recently had opportunity to look back and study the past year of my life. Where I started as well as where I am going. Doing so I came to a few realizations. I think the most shocking of these would be that I have spent very little time working on my spiritual life. This is what I thought at least. It has been almost a year since Excommunicate’s relaunch and in that time traffic has nearly tripled. I left my day job and became fully self-employed. Amongst my jobs is my time to this site. That’s when it hit me. I may not have been practicing daily meditation but there is one skill I have greatly improved.

Many of you know it as the law of attraction, but before it was called a law it was the will of the universe, it was the power of your own mind. It is something most every gnostic, occult, new-age, or wiccan book touches upon. All of them say it in different ways but it is the same thing. It is a point I feel deserves reiteration.

The Ritual Journal as a practical life tool

The ritual journal is an important item for anyone who practices magick, prayer, or ritual. Despite it’s name it can be developed and adapted to any context. At the very least the journal is a great way to keep track of life cycles. It is also a fantastic documentation of personal growth and history. This is of course when you use it as a personal form of documentation.

Format for the journal is set up like the below example.

Cinderella Society

Today’s youthful generation lives in an apathetic fog. They are too preoccupied with modern conveniences. Those that do care seldom do more than complain. It has always been this way to some extent. The great few have power over the many. What can really be blamed though for this stand by and let it happen attitude? Few will even help if someone falls and hurts themselves, for fear of a lawsuit or even worse they might have to get involved. What is it that we are exposed to that could create such a lack luster youth.

From the moment we are all born we are told we are special, and that good things come to those who wait. Where did these ideas come from?