Month: February 2008

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception

By Max Heindel

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The Western world is undoubtedly the vanguard of the human race, and, for reasons given in the following pages, it is held by the Rosicrucian that neither Judaism nor “popular Christianity,” but true Esoteric Christianity is to be its world-religion.

Buddha, great, grand and sublime, may be the “light of Asia,” but Christ will yet be acknowledged the “Light of the World.” As the sun outshines the brightest star in the heavens, dispels every vestige of darkness and gives life and light to all beings, so, in a not too distant future, will the true religion of Christ supersede and obliterate all other religions, to the eternal benefit of mankind.

Practical Application of the Inner Death in Motion

Rather than write a how to today I thought I would introduce everyone to a fantastic site that was brought to my attention.

The site is “Death in Motion”: it is about eliminating the egos and transcending to one’s true self.

*From the Site*

_The purpose of this website is to provide practical information on the Death in Motion as a practice of mystical death._

_To Begin_

_Observation must be combined with identification. If we cannot identify the inner mother does not know which ego to hit. That is our task to identify egos. You can of course also ask the inner mother to help you to identify egos._

The planet mars and its inhabitants

by eros urides (a martian)



Years ago, as you measure time, I was an inhabitant of Mars, your sister planet. My name is Eros Urides (the latter signifying “of Urid”). But a physical name is only an incidental in one’s life.

In the Spirit world we are given a name in accordance with our spiritual qualities and gifts and the kind of work we do.

I came into material being as the fruit of the sacred union of my parents. It is not necessary to say aught concerning their social status, for on Mars all who unfold into a material expression of the Father are equal. Equal in rank, station, and in possession of the material fruits of earth.

After my education had been completed I was, in accordance with the Martian system of scientifically determining one’s rightful vocation, assigned as overseer to a section of one of the main canals supplying water from the North Polar cap to an impounding reservoir near the city of Urid, the place of my birth.

The Mysterious Crystal Skulls

The phenomena and mysterious power known as the crystal skulls was introduced to modern society in 1924 by a 17 year old girl. Her name was Ana Mitchell Hedges, and her discovery would forever change the spiritual world. Young Ana discovered the skull on her 17th birthday in British Honduras, now known as Belize. Ana found the skull in a hole of some old ruins. She was the only one small enough at the camp to be able to retrieve the item. The skull at this time was retrieved with no jaw bone. It was not until many months later that she discovered the jaw bone of the skull.