Month: January 2008

The mystery school, religion, faith, and hope

Virtually every secret society or mystery school is shrouded. They are shrouded with elaborate stories. Most every mystery school owes its foundations to a group of Elder brothers or one secret messiah. Yet it seems only this group knows of these enlightened beings. Schools such, as the Rosicrucians, The Golden Dawn, The Theosophical Society, even main stream religion has its enlightened ones.

Most of these schools can weave a fantastic tale about how their founder was visited. The story goes on to say the founder was revealed mysterious occult knowledge. Most of these claims however can’t be disputed.

Dante’s Divine Comedy



IN the midway of this our mortal life, I found me in a gloomy wood, astray Gone from the path direct: and e’en to tell It were no easy task, how savage wild That forest, how robust and rough its growth, Which to remember only, my dismay Renews, in bitterness not far from death. Yet to discourse of what there good befell, All else will I relate discover’d there. How first I enter’d it I scarce can say, Such sleepy dullness in that instant weigh’d My senses down, when the true path I left, But when a mountain’s foot I reach’d, where clos’d The valley, that had pierc’d my heart with dread, I look’d aloft, and saw his shoulders broad Already vested with that planet’s beam, Who leads all wanderers safe through every way. Then was a little respite to the fear, That in my heart’s recesses deep had lain, All of that night, so pitifully pass’d: And as a man, with difficult short breath, Forespent with toiling, ‘scap’d from sea to shore, Turns to the perilous wide waste, and stands At gaze; e’en so my spirit, that yet fail’d Struggling with terror, turn’d to view the straits, That none hath pass’d and liv’d.