Month: January 2008

The Private Diary of John Dee


1554. Aug. 25th, Barthilmew Hikman born at Shugborowh in Warwikshyre toward evening. My conjecture, uppon his own reporte of circumstances. Oct. 25th, D. Daniel Vander Meulen Antwerpiæ, mane hora quarta.[a]

[Footnote a: It is almost unnecessary to observe that this and the following are notes of nativities. They are not for the most part contemporary notices, but apparently inserted at various times by Dee when professionally consulted as an astrologer.]

1555. April 22nd, Jane Fromonds borne at Cheyham at none. Aug. 1st, Ed. Kelly natus hora quarta a meridie[b] ut annotatum reliquit pater ejus. Oct. 12th, the Lord Willughby born hora septima mane, ante meridiem, Lat. 51° 30′, at Wesell in Gelderland.

[Footnote b: “Anno 1555, Aug. 1, hora quarta a meridie Wigorniæ natus Dominus Edouardus Kelæus,” MS. Ashm. 1788, fol. 140, where there is a horoscope of this nativity in the handwriting of Dr. Dee. Ashmole, in his MS. 1790, fol. 58, says “Mr. Lilly told me that John Evans informed him that he was acquainted with Kelly’s sister in Worcester, that she shewed him some of the gold her brother had transmuted, and that Kelly was first an apothecary in Worcester.”]

Where did the time go?

As time goes on our lives change, until one day we look back and we realize something is different. We’re not sure when it happened but sure and true we find ourselves in a different mind set than we were ten years ago and then ten before that. Time changes us. Time is the single factor responsible for our aging, healing, and general wellness. Everyday we clamor for more and more time. Yet this elusive asset seems to never show up. Now ten years later we realize why we are not where we wanted to be. We realize why we are not the person we had thought to be.

What motivates you?

Some people get their drive or motivation from other people. While others get their dedication and motivation from a higher calling. Some get it for a need to succeed, and still others get it only during a particular task. What motivates you the best and what is the best motivator?

*Motivation through fear*
Unfortunately, this is on the top of many people’s lists. They get motivated only when fear drives them. Not necessarily fear for their life but fear they may get failing grades or fear they are getting to fat. IS fear a good motivator? Yes, absolutely but it is not a sustainable motivator. Fear often adds an unnecessary amount of stress or worry on the individual.