Month: December 2007

The Gates of Horn and Ivory

“There are two gates of Sleep: one of which is said to be of horn,
through which an easy passage is given to true shades, the other
gleams with the whiteness of polished ivory, but through it
the Gods of the Dead send false dreams to the world above.
After his words, Anchises accompanies his son there, and,
frees him, together with the Sibyl, through the ivory gate.
Aeneas makes his way to the ships and rejoins his friends:
then coasts straight to Caieta’s harbour along the shore.
The anchors are thrown from the prows: on the shore the sterns rest.”
~The Aeneid

The concept of two gates to the ethereal realms is an old one, dating back to Greek times. It is also a concept rich and fertile with imagination. It seems though the concept is more of an ephemeral reality than it is an place of brick and mortar. The Gates of Horn and Ivory first appear in Homer’s Odyssey. The gates are explained to be the gateways or doors to two dimensions. One of superficialities and falsehoods, a mask over the visage. The other a more real depiction for those able to discern their dreams.

Use gemstones and crystals to improve yourself

Gemstones and crystals have been a staple in the new age community for some time now. What exactly can these crystals and semi precious stones do besides improve business for stone shops. According to new age practices each stone is prescribed a different meaning and purpose. As an example let’s look at rose quartz.

*Rose Quartz*
Rose quartz is a beautiful stone raw or polished. Depending upon the specimen of rose quartz it may be a light milky pink or a brilliant pinkish red. The stone itself is quite impressive as it has a hardness of 7. Which means it is strong enough to scratch glass. In the spiritual communities however this stone takes on a new life.

The Notary Art of Solomon

The Notory Art revealed by the Most High Creator to Solomon. In the Name of the Holy and undivided Trinity, beginneth this most Holy Art of Knowledge, revealed to Solomon, which the Most High Creator by his Holy Angels ministered to Solomon upon the Alter of the Temple; that thereby in short time he knew all Arts and Sciences, both Liberal and Mechanick, with all the Faculties and Properties thereof: He has suddenly infused into him, and also was filled with all wisdom, to utter the Sacred Mysteries of most Holy words.

The Story of the Other Wise Man


By Henry Van Dyke

_Who seeks for heaven alone to save his soul, May keep the path, but will not reach the goal; While he who walks in love may wander far, Yet God will bring him where the blessed are._

You know the story of the Three Wise Men of the East, and how they traveled from far away to offer their gifts at the manger-cradle in Bethlehem. But have you ever heard the story of the Other Wise Man, who also saw the star in its rising, and set out to follow it, yet did not arrive with his brethren in the presence of the young child Jesus? Of the great desire of this fourth pilgrim, and how it was denied, yet accomplished in the denial; of his many wanderings and the probations of his soul; of the long way of his seeking, and the strange way of his finding, the One whom he sought–I would tell the tale as I have heard fragments of it in the Hall of Dreams, in the palace of the Heart of Man.