Month: October 2007

Taming of the moose

In the early 1900’s attempts by the Swedish army and Russian army were made to domesticate the moose. The idea was that moose could trek better through deep snow than any other domestic animal of the time. The moose however proved to be more of a hazard than help in battle. As the moose’s natural instinct to hide overpowered their training to stay. Domestication of the moose was pursued by the Swedish Army until the Soviet-Finnish war in 1939. The Russian military abandoned the idea when World War II began as the moose were still not prepared.


How to feel your aura and make spiritual armor

There are two basic ideas behind an aura, one is that it is an ethereal energy that surrounds your being. The other is that the aura isn’t anything mystical but it is the body’s own electro-magnetic field. Which is true if either I will let you determine. This exercise is something I used to do long ago as a child. It is an easy and simple trick and numerous other things can be developed from it.

*Feel your aura*
Start by holding your hands together, as if praying. Now slowly move them apart until there is a centimeter of space between them. At this point you should start to feel some stress between them; like magnets pulling. If you do not feel anything yet move your hands further apart then bring them closer. Keep doing this until you feel an invisible push and pull between your hands.