Month: September 2007

The Death Portrait

The death portrait, or postmortem photography, or the mourning portrait were typically photos or paintings of the deceased painted as a reminder to the living. When I first learned of the mourning portrait I was rummaging through a box of my Great Grandparent’s old belongings. The first thing I found was a lock of blonde hair in a small manila envelope, on it was the name of a little girl, my great aunt, age 5. My first reaction was that of wonder. Here is a lock of hair from my Great Aunt! That feeling instantly switched to confusion when I realized I had never even heard of this little girl. I continued to flip through the piles of papers and photos. The next thing I found was an old newspaper clipping. The clipping was on the mourning of my Great Grandparents who had lost their 5 year old daughter to Diphtheria.

Instantly that feeling of amazement that I had when I found the clipping of hair turned to dread. I went deeper into the pile of papers and that is where I found a photo of my Great Aunt. She was a beautiful little girl. The picture was posed with her asleep. At the time I did not know she was dead. I closed up the box of photos and papers and have not looked since.

*Warning: Graphic Images Inside*

7 tips for anger management

Anger can be a debilitating problem and can forever change how one is viewed. Not only that but if anger goes unchecked it could lead to dire consequences. It is important that we keep our emotions in check especially those with a destructive nature. It is said that anger is just a form of fear turned outward. If that were true then why would people get angry at simple things like not folding laundry the proper way.

*Need a desire to change*
One can’t get over their anger unless they intend to make a conscious effort to change. It would be foolish and stupid of me to assume that I could get over my anger problems without effort.

*Don’t let it all out*
Perhaps, one of the largest mistakes in the realm of anger management is the idea to let it all out. This is the most dangerous approach. In clinical studies when subjects were agitated they were given a pillow to take their aggressions out on. They were told every time they got angry to just beat up that pillow. Instead of _releasing_ their anger on the pillow, it had the opposite effect. It made the subject more aggressive. Every time they hit a pillow they got more and more brutal and aggressive.

The Freemasons Secret Code

People like to hide things. We all have secrets and the better hidden the secret the safer it is. What if you have secrets that you need to share with others though? Long before computers and their high tech 256 encryption methods, there were ciphers. Seemingly bizarre symbols reconstituted into an almost verbal language. What would you do if you were part of the largest Fraternity with secrets in the world and needed to share info with higher ranks? Why, you would use a cipher of course.

The Freemason’s have long been held as an organization out to rule the world. However if you ask any Mason they will say they don’t have any secrets and you can find any alleged secrets on the internet. This is true but there was a time when they did keep things hidden. Otherwise why would they have a cipher?