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A Visit to the Brothers of St.John: Chapters 1 & 2

by a companion of the Grail

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The book you are about to read is a transcript of the 7th copy of only 25 in the world. Where the others are I cannot say. However I felt it important enough to take the time to transcribe it into an archival format. The original book has a cover of simple brown paper and the pages are of an acidic base. Which means over time they become less and less legible. This is a copy of a handwritten book. It cost me far more than I ever anticipated to purchase such a book. However it was well worth it and is perhaps one of my most prized possessions. It will also be interesting for the reader to know that as small a manuscript as this book is, it details the methods in which one may find the Brotherhood.

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So it is with great honor and pleasure I present you with the following book.

Pax Vobiscum,
Jack Dirt

Brotherhood of the White Temple

The last organization I was able to find that related themselves to the White Brotherhood was, “The Brotherhood of the White Temple “: This Brotherhood claims to again have it’s origins from mystical and divine sources. Their teachings are based upon the translations of _ The Emerald Tablets of Thoth_. Not to be confused with “The Emerald Tablet of Hermes”:

The tablets were translated by Dr.Doreal. Dr.Doreal has a connection with the “Great White Lodge”: or mystic masters that presumably exist upon the ethereal planes. The tablets themselves are said to be created by Thoth the atlantean from a substance made from alchemical experimentation.

Universal Great Brotherhood

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“The Universal Great Brotherhood, Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere Foundation, is a worldwide cultural organization, having branches in more than 22 countries, with its main office located in Caracas, Venezuela.

The Organization was founded by the French philosopher, Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere in 1948. It’s main objective is to bring together Science, Art, and Religion,

for the purpose of intellectual improvement as well as spiritual education, by means of the coalition of the various global religions, organizations, and philosophies and includes all Humanitarian, Scientific, Artistic, Esoteric and Initiatic Societies.

The goals of this Institution can be summed up as the following: to unite people regardless of belief, nationality, gender and economic status, who wish to work towards the supremacy of the Spirit and agree to establish Peace in the heart of men, all over the world, in order to realize a Universal Brotherhood/Sisterhood.” “source”:

The Universal White Brotherhood founded by Beinsa Douno

Beinsa Douno or Peter Deunov was the third child of a priest and he was raised as a Christian. When Peter was old enough he went to America to attend theology school. There he received a degree in theology and in 1895 he was offered a position as a preacher. Peter refused, instead he became a recluse and spent his time on his spiritual studies. It is around 1896 -1897 that his activities start to get muddled. Some reports say that he spent his time meeting with the Rosicrucians, and others say he spent his time alone. However both accounts come to the point at which he wrote his book “Science and Education”. It is in this book that he gave his thoughts and representations on the future events of human society. Finally in March of 1897 Peter and his followers form the society that is now known as the Universal White Brotherhood.

This is the first instance in which an actual historical figure can be connected to the White Brotherhood. Throughout the rest of his life Peter now Beinsa, wrote spiritual books and taught on an esoteric level. It was in 1929 that he opened an official school in Rila Mountain.