Month: July 2007

Reliquaries are sacrilege

The reliquary is a curious thing. A reliquary will often contain, rings, cloth, or bones from a religious or holy person. Many people who have heard of the Reliquaries of the saints think that they are only Christian icons. However there are reliquaries of Buddhist and Hindu holy persons.


The thought behind the reliquary of course being that the possession or piece of the holy man or woman could cause miracles. There are many people over the centuries who would attest to such miracles. One could presume that the source of power of the relic comes from the holy saint within. Or perhaps one could make an assumption that divine forces are working through these sacred relics.

4 techniques to learn your true nature

Do you know who you are or what you are capable of? Surprisingly what many of us see as our perceived self is completely different than our real selves. How can we find out our real self versus our perceived self? To learn our true nature requires introspection and an extended analysis of our daily habits. The rosicrucian technique of daily analysis can be a very useful tool for study of the self.


*Rosicrucian recall with a twist*
Originally detailed under “10 great links and 3 rosicrucian techniques to improve memory”:, the technique involves that every night before bed we lay down and play through the days events in our mind. Except we run the day in rewind until we awoke. This same principle can be utilized except instead of giving praise or correction where needed we will merely observe.

Imagine the days events as a movie that plays in your mind. Instead of being the participant you are now the spectator. Watch how you interacted with others.

Do you want to be single or married?

Is it better to remain single is it better to enter a monogamous relationship? This is a question your average person won’t ever ask themselves. However you aren’t like most people. Why would one want to remain single their whole life?

The view of remaining single is quintessential to numerous religious participants. Monks both Christian and Buddhist take vows of celibacy. These two remain single; and they devote their time and themselves to what they would consider a higher cause. What reasons would one have for not ever entering a relationship?

* More free time
* No compromising
* Act on a whim
* Never have to accommodate another
* More silence and solitude for prayer or meditation
* Devote more time to projects

These are some quick basic reasons why one may want to remain single. On a basic level many of them correlate to time and the use of one’s time. On a deeper level they show what higher causes one may devote themselves to. Higher causes of course is a subjective matter.

Corporate logos are brainwashing you

Everywhere we look we are bombarded by propaganda. People are shoving products and product endorsements down our throats. It seems obvious, but the psychological impact it has on all of us is much more extreme than we may think. It would seem the only way to get away from this constant corporate conditioning would be to live in the woods.

*An analysis of a logo and its job.*
Logos have two purposes for a company. The first is to announce who or what a company is, and the second is for brand recognition. When a design firm or marketing firm sets out to create a logo they have a few things they may need to consider. Is there marketing evidence or testing that needs to be incorporated into the logo? Are there any psychological “tricks” they can use for better branding; such as the incorporation of negative space or specific colors. The biggest challenge is to make something easily recognizable.